General Terms and Conditions

In each bet two parties are involved, on the one hand bet-at-home.com Internet Ltd., whose registered office is at Mosta, MST 1180, Cornerstone Business Centre, Level 2, Suite 1, Pjazza s – 16 ta’ Settembru, Commercial Register number C35109, which is permitted to receive bets on sporting events in accordance with the official licence MGA/CRP/278/2004, granted on 14/05/2020 by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which is a regulator of the Maltese government, and on the other hand, the customer as contracting partner.
For customers playing in Ireland, the Remote Bookmaker’s Licence issued to bet-at-home.com Internet Ltd. by the Irish government only applies to sports bets and virtual bets.
In the following terms and conditions bet-at-home.com Internet Ltd. is referred to as “bet-at-home”. The Malta Gaming Authority is referred to as “MGA”. All references to the “customer” refer to users of www.bet-at-home.com.
bet-at-home.com International Ltd. is responsible for processing all of the customers’ monetary transactions made through the aforementioned licensee.
In case of discrepancies between the English version of the general terms and conditions and a version in any other language the English version applies.

Table of contents

A. General rules
B. Betting rules
C. Live betting
D. The customer
E. Account
F. Miscellaneous
G. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability
H. Deposit Methods
I. Withdrawals
J. Cash Out
K. Profit Limits
L. Promotion Offers

A. General rules

1. bet-at-home.com Internet Ltd. is a limited liability company that runs and manages the website bet-at-home.com (hereafter referred to as the “website”) as well as the official apps of bet-at-home. Registration on the site, any use of the services offered and all bets accepted by bet-at-home are subjects of these terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as “T&Cs” or “terms and conditions”).
2. bet-at-home reserves the right to update, amend and modify these terms and conditions at any time. The customer will be notified in advance of any substantial changes to the terms and conditions and must consent to the changes before they take effect. A change would be substantial if it had an immediate/direct impact on the customer. All versions contain the version number and modification date.
3. All provisions in these T&Cs are applicable to all products and services offered, unless specified otherwise. By visiting the bet-at-home.com website (along with all subdomains), using bet-at-home.com’s services, or downloading and/or using an app or other software provided by bet-at-home.com, the user declares that they are in agreement with these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
4. On placing a bet or taking part in a game the customer accepts the validity and applicability of these T&Cs in their current version.
5. The legal relationship between the customer and bet-at-home is subject to Maltese law, excluding conflict of law provisions. The courts of Valletta (Malta) have jurisdiction for all legal disputes between bet-at-home and the customer.
6. All data, text, photographs, melodies, videos, graphics, trademarks, images, software, or applications placed on the website and in the apps are owned by bet-at-home or provided to bet-at-home for use under a valid licence; the customer has no rights with regard to the above items.
7. Regarding eSports betting, (“eSports channel”), broadcasts of selected eSports events (“streams”) will be provided by bet-at-home at its sole discretion. These streams are not part of the offered products and services of bet-at-home and are provided completely independently from them. Customers have no right to the provision of streams. bet-at-home does not assume any liability regarding streams, especially their content, availability and quality.
8. Unless stated otherwise, all given data and times are based on Central European Time (GMT+1).

B. Betting rules

1. The minimum stakes are 0.50 EUR, 1.00 CHF, 1.00 GBP, 1.00 USD, 1.00 PLN, 10.00 CZK, 10.00 RUB, 10.00 DKK.
2. Upon placing a bet, the customer confirms that they do not have insider knowledge or any other equivalent knowledge of the outcome or the course of the respective sports event.
3. Placing of bets on events in which the customer is participating is forbidden. Participation is when the customer takes part in the event as a candidate, sportsperson, owner, trainer or official of a participating club or as an organizer. The same applies if the bet is placed on behalf of a participant in the above sense.
4. bet-at-home reserves the right to delay withdrawal requests at its own discretion if a sports event is under suspicion of betting fraud or manipulation. If organizations that maintain the integrity of sports, judge a manipulation or fraud as proven, stakes and winnings will be withheld if the bet was provably placed by persons who have had inside betting information or if the bet was placed by another person who bet-at-home has reason to believe to be connected with such persons.
5. It’s at bet-at-home’s sole discretion to refuse individual bets or to limit the stakes. Furthermore bet-at-home reserves the right to exclude users from the participation in betting and gambling without giving reasons.
6. bet-at-home reserves the right to exclude certain games, betting events, or tournaments from the offer at any time.
7. bet-at-home’s records shall prevail with regard to the content of all bets. The account statement may only be amended in order to rectify an obvious mistake or an obvious written or calculation error.
8. bet-at-home reserves the right to correct obvious errors such as mistakes concerning odds and events/teams/etc. If bet-at-home does not correct the error, bets on the event will be settled at odds of 1.00. The stake shall only be deemed to be the amount recorded or confirmed by bet-at-home.
9. bet-at-home reserves the right to change the odds at its discretion before bets are placed. After a bet has been placed the odds will no longer change, i.e. remain stable.
10. If the betting event does not take place as specified in the odds sheet (e.g. change of venue or against a different opponent), the bet is void and stakes will be refunded. If the home team voluntarily waive their home advantage, if the home team’s ground is out of action or if the betting event is transferred to a neutral ground then the bet remains valid.
11. If the bet is placed after the betting event starts, or the stake is not covered by the account balance, the bet is void (odds of 1.00).
12. The winner of a betting event is regarded as the team or person who is declared by the judging panel to be the official winner no later than midnight (calculated according to the time at the location of the event). This also applies to long-term bets. Any changes to the classification made after this time shall have no effect on the bet payout, irrespective of the reasons for these changes.
13. Unless otherwise determined by bet-at-home, all sporting results after normal playing time will be decisive for the settlement of the bet. Any extra time or penalty shootouts, etc. have no effect on the settlement of the bet. In American sports (such as NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB) the result after any extra time (overtime) is decisive for the settlement of the bet. Bets on the NHL are an exception to this rule, where the result after normal time shall prevail.
14. If a cancelled/interrupted betting event is re-commenced within 48 hours, bets shall apply for the result of the re-commenced betting event. Exceptions include bets on baseball games which do not take place on the same calendar day. In this case, the bet will be settled at odds of 1.00.
15. If a betting event, for any reason whatsoever, does not take place as scheduled or ends without an official score and is not commenced within 48 hours, bets will be reimbursed/re-credited. Exceptions to this are football and icehockey games which are cancelled after normal playing time, and bets on baseball; if a baseball game does not take place on the same calendar day, the bet will be settled at odds of 1.00. If a betting event is cancelled and is still officially judged this result will be used to calculate the amount of winnings. All long term bets are exempt from this rule. The following applies to those: The provided starting date is not automatically the actual starting date of the betting event but only serves information purposes.
16. Bets are paid in consideration of any winning limits which may exist. In the event of a “dead heat” payments are divided accordingly.
17. The “play or pay” principle applies to all bets, i.e. if the starter on whom the bet was placed does not play or run, for whatever reason, the bet is lost if the betting event takes place. Tennis forms an exception to this rule, as the stake is refunded if the player (or a doubles pair) does not play (odds of 1.00).
18. If, in a multiple bet, a starter on whom a bet has been placed does not take part in a betting event, or if one of the events on which bets have been placed is called off, suspended or cancelled, or does not take place for other reasons and the relevant betting events are not played by the end of the calendar day two days later, these betting events are calculated with odds of 1.00. Bets on baseball form the exception to this rule; if a game does not take place on the same calendar day, the game is calculated at odds of 1.00. The same applies to betting events which have been wrongly listed in the betting programme (odds list) (wrong choice of venue), but not in the event of any team deciding to relinquish their home advantage, if the home team’s ground is out of action or if the betting event is transferred to a neutral ground. If none of the starters on which bets have been placed in a multiple bet takes part in the betting events or if all the events on which bets have been placed in a multiple bet are called off, suspended or cancelled or if they do not take place for whatever reason, and the event is not transferred as described above, the stakes will be refunded.
19. The same match pair may not be combined more than once. (Also applies to handicap bets, final result bets, special bets).
20. In Head-to-Head betting, both starters must participate in the betting event. Should one or both starters not take part in the betting event, the bet is called off. If both participants in a Head-to-Head bet drop out (such as but not limited to neither of them reaches the goal), both participants will be evaluated as 1.0. Should a runner not qualify for the 2nd round this is not considered as a drop out.
21. In the event of bets being placed on “Who will score the first goal” and “Time of first goal”, and no goals are scored (0:0), any bets placed shall be lost. Any extra time or penalty shootouts, etc. will not affect the bet payout.
22. In tennis, bets will remain valid as long as the match is held during the course of the tournament. If a tennis player withdraws during a tennis match or if a tennis player is disqualified all bets in which the outcome is still open are called off with odds 1.00.
23. If a football game is cancelled or no result is given, all special bets on this game such as but not limited to “Who will score the first goal” or “Time of first goal” will also be called off with odds of 1.00.
24. If a Formula 1 race or any other motorsports event starts behind the safety car for whatever reason this shall not be considered a “safety car period” during the race.
25. If a boxing event does not take place on the scheduled date, for whatever reason, but is re-commenced within 28 days of the original date, all bets placed will be valid for the rescheduled event. If the event does NOT re-commence within 28 days of the original date, the stakes will be refunded.
26. If a rescheduled boxing event does not take place in the original country all bets are void and the stakes will be refunded. If the rescheduled boxing event takes place at a different venue, but in the same country as originally defined, bets are valid.
27. The result at the end of a boxing event is final. Subsequent recounting by the judges or changes made by governing bodies will not be taken into account for the results of any bets.
28. If a boxing event is stopped prior to its completion, all bets are void, except bets on the highest possible score if this score has been reached already. In that case all bets remain valid. If one of the boxers is not able to start a round, the previous completed round is considered the last round of the fight.
29. For knockdown bets in boxing every time the referee starts his count to ten will be considered a knockdown.
30. “Rounds bets” in boxing will be settled after the round in which the fight ends. If one of the boxers is not able to start another round the previous round will be considered as the last round of the fight for “victory” results of the event.
31. Winter sports: The winner of a Head-to-Head duel is, if not stated otherwise, the participant with the higher position in the final ranking. The final ranking according to the FIS (www.fis-ski.com) or in case of Biathlon the final ranking according to the IBU (www.biathlonworld.com) will be taken into consideration for the settlement of the bets. If both participants have no clearly defined positioning according to the final ranking, the last successfully finished run will be considered for the final positioning.
32. The bet “Will there be a sending off?” will be settled with YES, if during regular time an active player is sent off from the playing field with a second yellow or a red card. ln all other cases the bet will be settled with NO. Cards for all non-active players, especially players that have already been substituted out of the game, coaches, and other team members do not count.
33. Political bets placed on elections or referendums are settled on the basis of the total number of votes cast and tallied at the time of the election or referendum. Any subsequent amendments to, or contestations of, the election or referendum will not be considered. Depending on availability, the preliminary official final results or official projections will be used for the settlement of bets, once it has been established that any subsequent revisions will no longer have any impact on the outcome of the bets. Points 10 and 13 of the betting rules shall not apply for political bets: Bets placed on elections or referendums remain valid until the event in question actually takes place. If a date is stated for a bet, it shall only apply if it is explicitly made a condition of the bet (e.g. as a deadline for the settlement of bets).
Individuals named as candidates will be included with the parties which they represent, and vice versa. Any changes of party or non-acceptance of the election or referendum will be disregarded. The winner is deemed to be the participant who, or proposal which, wins the election or referendum under the terms of the electoral laws which apply in the country concerned (this means, for example, that bets placed on the United States presidential election are settled on the basis of the number of electoral votes cast for each candidate on the day of the election; any changes made when the Electoral College does meet shall be disregarded).
34. If a part of a Bet Builder bet is void, then the entire Bet Builder bet will be void – e.g. if your Goalscorer selection does not play the entire bet will be void regardless of the outcome of the other selections.
35. All the above betting rules also apply analogously to eSports betting.
36. Bets on eSports are settled based on the official result announced by the respective association of the competition or game API or the broadcast. Starting times are reference times: All bets placed prior to the actual starting time remain valid. If the name of a team changes, all bets on the original team with a new name remain valid.
37. If an eSports game is decided in overtime, the result after overtime is relevant for the settlement of a handicap bet (Spread). Should the announced standard number of maps/rounds change, all handicap bets as well as all bets regarding the total amount of maps/rounds will be settled with odds of 1.00.
38. In case a player or a team withdraws before a tournament or a game begins all bets in eSports on the victory or the promotion of the player/team in that tournament or game will be settled with odds of 1.00. If a game or map is not completed, all yet to be decided bets are no longer valid. A possible replay of the game or map will be handled separately. For First Blood bets, only Kills by the opposing team/player count. For building or object bets (e.g. 1st tower, 1st inhibitor), it does not matter how the object was destroyed.

C. Live betting

1. Live bets are considered as bets which are offered exclusively during an event on a dedicated live bets platform of bet-at-home. The odds are continuously updated to reflect the current status of a game.
2. For live betting all betting rules stated in section B concerning game evaluation apply unless otherwise stipulated below.
3. bet-at-home asserts that there can be a delay of displayed score and time of a few seconds, although details about the precise length of the delay cannot be provided. bet-at-home has no liability for any loss that is caused by those delays.
4. The scoreboard is for information purposes only. bet-at-home cannot be held responsible for any errors or incorrect information on the live scoreboard and it is up to the customer to ensure they check the correct status of the game before placing a bet.
5. The above (especially points 3 and 4) applies analogously to streams in the eSports channel. Streams may be delayed or unavailable. For the settlement of bets, only those results are relevant which were announced as the official results by the respective association of the competition, the API or the broadcast. Information from streams is not relevant.

D. The customer

1. The customer confirms that they are the minimum age for participation in sports betting and all other products and services offered by bet-at-home in accordance with their national legal system, and has the necessary legal capacity. If no minimum age requirement exists in the respective national legal system, the minimum age is 18 years.
2. The customer confirms that the money used on bet-at-home does not come from any prohibited sources and that they do not use the account for any criminal activities in the respective applicable legal system. This includes but is not limited to money laundering or terrorist financing under the laws of any jurisdiction that applies to the customer or any company in the bet-at-home group. In the event of suspected or actual participation in any kind of money-laundering or any activity related to money laundering bet-at-home reserves the right to report such activities to the MGA as well as the Financial Intelligence Analyses Unit (FIAU), based in Malta.
3. If an underage player is identified, their betting account will be blocked immediately and all business relationships are terminated.
4. Online gambling and/or bets may be illegal in the customer’s home country as well as the country of residence due to the present legal situation. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the customer to inform themselves about potential restrictions and/or prohibitions in his/her home country or country of residence. bet-at-home does not assume any liabilities in this regards and does not compensate the customer for any losses he/she may have incurred as a result of a violation of these legal requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure he/she is acting in accordance with the legal requirements of his/her home country and/or country of residence. Especially people with permanent, habitual or temporary residence in one of the following countries are excluded from the offer of opening a betting account at bet-at-home.com, making deposits and/or using the services of bet-at-home.com:

  • France
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Albania
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Australia
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • Hungary
  • United Kingdom
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
  • Sweden
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Montenegro
  • Gibraltar

5. Due to the issuing of a national licence, persons with residence or habitual residence in Germany do not have access to www.bet-at-home.com and will instead be redirected to the licenced website
6. Bets successfully placed at bet-at-home are confirmed with the message “Your bet is accepted”. This message does not have any effect on the place nor the time when the contract is concluded. Under no circumstances is the customer permitted to use anonymization services like proxy servers, VPNs or similar to circumvent the blockade of countries set by bet-at-home. Upon infringement of these provisions bet-at-home reserves the right to freeze and/or instantly close accounts while withholding any potential winnings.
7. The customer has the right to set a deposit limit or to exclude themselves from either certain products or all product offers at www.bet-at-home.com for any period of time. The request has to be sent from the registered e-mail address to [email protected]. These changes can also be requested via live chat or the contact form if the customer is logged in to his betting account. An exclusion becomes effective no later than 24 hours after the request is received. A notice of the player increasing or revoking a limit or decreasing the exclusion will take effect only 24 hours after bet-at-home has received such notice. Further information can be found on the responsible gaming page.

E. Account

1. In order to use the services offered by bet-at-home, the customer must have a valid betting account with sufficient funds. Depending on the funds in this account, the customer can immediately place bets.
2. Customers are only allowed to open one account. Opening of multiple accounts is not permitted. Should we have reasonable suspicions that any of our customers has opened multiple accounts with us, e.g. for the purposes of avoiding stake, deposit or winning limit, we reserve the right at our absolute discretion to freeze that customer’s account or to close the account immediately and the customer shall forfeit all their winnings. Customers should also note that their original deposits will not be refunded.
3. Only natural persons may open an account with bet-at-home. Legal entities are not accepted. Players must register personally. The account can only be registered for use by the player in his own name and on his own behalf.
4. Upon clicking on the “Register now!” button on our registration page or in the app, the customer will be redirected to our registration form which includes the mandatory insertion of personal details and account details including the first and last name, a valid email address, date of birth, address, username and password. The customer thereby confirms the completeness and accuracy of all given data. In addition, the optional mention of a valid telephone number is possible. The customer is also requested to confirm that they are over 18 years of age and that they have read and accepted our general terms and conditions policy. Once all mandatory fields have been completed and the “Register” button has been clicked on, the customer will receive an email at the registered email address and will be required to verify the email address by clicking on the appropriate link. Upon clicking on the “Verify” e-mail link the customer will be automatically logged in to the new account.
5. When registering, the customer undertakes:

  • to register with a complete and correct first and last name;
  • to register with the correct residential address;
  • to register with a valid e-mail address.

When registering the customer warrants and represents that they do not currently have an open or blocked account with bet-at-home nor is the customer currently self-excluded on any account.
6. The customer is obliged to ensure that their data is complete and up-to-date. Only the customer is liable for losses or other disadvantages which arise as a result of disregarding this provision and they therefore indemnify and hold bet-at-home fully harmless.
7. Upon registering an account as well as in the case of transactions, a “Know Your Client” procedure is carried out. This can be done directly via bet-at-home as well as via external verification partners. bet-at-home reserves the right to require the customer to use one or both of these methods at its own discretion.
In the course of this process identification documents as well as additional information and documents such as proof of address, information on property and income, selfies or further information may be requested from the customer.
If this “Know Your Client” procedure cannot be completed due to the client’s lack of willingness to cooperate or failure to provide all necessary information or sufficient documents, bet-at-home reserves the right to immediately close or lock the account.
Furthermore, customer data may be compared with personal databases in accordance with our data protection guidelines.
8. Customers have the right to close their account without giving any reason. In order to do so, the customer has to inform bet-at-home via e-mail. As soon as bet-at-home has received this e-mail the customer’s account will be closed accordingly.
9. The customer as the sole and exclusive owner of the betting account shall remain responsible for protecting the privacy of the betting account details and shall not allow third parties access to or use of their account. In the case a customer grants third parties access to their betting account, bet-at-home reserves the right to immediately lock or close the account at its own discretion. A usage by third parties is assumed, if deposits to the account are made directly or indirectly by third parties. In such cases bet-at-home also reserves the right to withhold any funds until the identity of the owner of the funds has been determined and verified.
Accounts must not be transferred to third parties nor pawned. Players are not permitted to transfer funds to betting accounts of other players.
10. If the betting account is used by third parties with or without the permission of the customer, the customer shall bear sole and full responsibility. bet-at-home is not liable for any damages or losses incurred by the customer and/or third parties through the use of the betting account.
11. Before data can be transmitted over the internet, the customer must use a code allocated to themselves (betting account number and password, where each password can be changed by the customer). The betting account number and password should be kept confidential at all times, as all account transactions will be debited to the customer once the betting account number and password have been specified.
12. If there is insufficient cover in the betting account and the missing amount is not transferred in sufficient time, incoming bets will be accepted as valid in the order in which they arrive provided that there is sufficient cover in the account for each individual bet.
13. For a bet to be valid, the balance of the betting account – which the customer can check – must be at least the value of the stake.
14. In the event of obvious errors in drawing up customer account balances, bet-at-home has the right to make the necessary amendments.
15. Claims regarding account statements and the balances in these statements may only be made within 45 days of the betting event. Failure to claim shall be considered an acceptance of the notified account balance.
16. bet-at-home strictly prohibits the use of robotic, mechanical, or electronic, or other devices to automatically make decisions in any game, whether such use is attempted or affected by a customer or by guest or by any third parties. By playing real money games, the player accepts that the winnings due to the faulty software, by way of example but not limited to: bugs, faulty codes, loopholes and back doors, will not be paid, with the possible closure of the game accounts.
17. bet-at-home reserves the right to close an account at its discretion or to unilaterally set game or winning limits, or to completely or partially exclude the player from products or services.
18. In the event of blocking, (self-)exclusion or closure of an account, contractual obligations already made will be honoured by bet-at-home. The customer must inform bet-at-home customer service via e-mail to [email protected] and request payment of his credit. Any repayments are made duly in a reasonable time. bet-at-home is entitled to withhold payments in the event of any suspicion of criminal activity or a breach of these T&Cs by the customer until a final decision had been made by the competent court. Any repayments are also subject to the withdrawal provisions in article M.
19. An account will be classified as inactive if no activity (no login and no logout) has been recorded for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months. All registered players will be notified at least 30 days before the account is due to become inactive, following which the account holder may instantly reactivate his account by logging in/logging out or withdrawing the funds within the 30 days time window in order not to incur any fees associated with inactivity, subject to any conditions and procedures for withdrawal set out herein and subject to applicable laws and regulations. For the sake of clarity, where the player is not eligible to conduct a withdrawal in terms of law or in terms of bet-at-home´s licensee procedures, the fact that his account is due to become inactive does not in any way change the player´s ineligibility to conduct the withdrawal. When the account becomes inactive, bet-at-home may elect to: (a) charge a fee for inactivity; or (b) close the account.
(a) If bet-at-home elects to charge a fee for inactivity, such fee shall be the administrative fee 5.00 EUR (or an equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account) or 5% of the account balance at the time when it is deemed to be inactive (whichever is greater) per month. The first fee for inactive accounts will be deducted following 12 months of inactivity. All consecutive fees for inactive accounts will be deducted on a monthly basis until the betting account balance reaches zero. A refund of administrative fees is possible if provided for in binding regulations. In order to request a refund, the customer needs to contact customer support. bet-at-home reserves the right to increase the inactive account fee in line with the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority.
(b) If bet-at-home (rather than imposing, or continue imposing, a fee for inactivity) elects to close the account due to inactivity, bet-at-home shall, without prejudice to any anti-money-laundering legislation, endeavor to refund the remaining balance, by remitting the funds directly or by contacting the player using the information bet-at-home has. If bet-at-home is unsuccessful in remitting the remaining balance to the player, then bet-at-home will close the account and appropriate the remaining balance if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • After failing to remit the funds to the inactive player, bet-at-home will send a final notice to the player informing him that the funds will be appropriated by bet-at-home if the player does not provide a means for the funds to be remitted to him;
  • Such notice will be sent to the player through every means of communication available to bet-at-home, including by post;
  • bet-at-home may prescribe the remaining funds in its favor after the lapse of 5 years from the date of final notice sent to the player;
  • Any player funds appropriated by bet-at-home in terms of this clause will be used to fund responsible gaming endeavors, whether of bet-at-home itself or of third parties.

F. Miscellaneous

1. Customer’s requests and complaints are handled via e-mail, telephone and via live support – contact details can be found on the website. We will do our best to resolve the matter to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. However, if you are still dissatisfied, before taking any other steps, your dispute should be submitted either:

2. Customers shall be aware of certain possibilities of gaming addiction. Problem gamblers can find contact details for gamblers associations in the “Responsible Gaming” section on the website or they can ask customer support.
3. In case of discrepancies between the different language versions of these terms and conditions, the version favouring the player the most applies.

G. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

1. bet-at-home does not guarantee constant availability and functionality of all products. bet-at-home cannot be held responsible by the customer for any damages, losses or lost profits incurred by the customer on the grounds of non-availability of the products offered by bet-at-home.
2. bet-at-home does not assume any liability for transmission, input and/or analysis errors.
3. Should a software or hardware error occur, bet-at-home is entitled to correct any erroneous entries in the customer’s account which are caused by this error.
4. In no event shall bet-at-home be liable for any damages or losses caused by incorrect, delayed, manipulated or improper data transfer. bet-at-home takes all the statutory required and technologically reasonable steps to protect customer data stored on bet-at-home. bet-at-home, despite the implementation of these measures, cannot be held responsible for the control and processing of customer data by third parties or any damages, losses or other disadvantages arising in connection therewith.
5. The customer is fully liable for any damages or losses bet-at-home incurs with respect to the breach of these T&Cs or any other provisions applicable to betting or gambling services. The customer fully indemnifies and holds bet-at-home harmless against any claims from third parties arising out of such conduct.
6. The user is obliged to keep all access methods and programmes with which the user uses the services of bet-at-home.com (e.g. the browser) up-to-date. bet-at-home.com is not liable for damages caused by access methods and programmes that are outdated and no longer state of the art.
7. bet-at-home is not liable to the customer for any damages or losses, which were outside the normal and foreseeable control of bet-at-home when the event occurred. Liability for any damages or losses caused by light negligence is excluded. bet-at-home is not liable for any loss of profit.

H. Deposit Methods

1. Available Deposit methods:

Method Processing fees
Skrill, OBT by Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap


2. bet-at-home reserves its right to refuse any deposits. Further information regarding the availability of the means of payment and relevant thresholds can be found in the deposit section on the website and in the apps.
3. bet-at-home is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations and any subsequent differences.
4. Customers shall not treat bet-at-home as a financial institution nor expect interest on their deposits. Customers agree to fully settle any and all payments due at bet-at-home or at any third party. Customers further agree not to make any chargebacks and/or cancel or otherwise reverse any of their payments. In such a case, customers are obligated to refund bet-at-home such pending payments and compensate bet-at-home for any expenses incurred by bet-at-home in the process of collecting the customers’ payments (e.g. handling fees).
5. paysafecard codes can only be redeemed when purchased through official retail channels. The customer is obligated to present proof of lawful purchase upon request by bet-at-home.

I. Withdrawals

1. Available Withdrawal methods:

Method Min. Max. Processing fees
SEPA Payout 1 EUR
Skrill 10 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account) 6,000 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account)
Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard) 30 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account) 5,000 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account)
NETELLER 10 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account) 10,000 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account)
PayPal 5 EUR 5,000 EUR
paysafecard 10 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account) 5,000 EUR (or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account)


2. Further information regarding the availability of the means of payment can be found in the withdrawal section on the website and in the apps.
3. bet-at-home reserves the right to pay out all funds in EURO only.
4. bet-at-home is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations and any subsequent differences.
5. At the customer’s request, winnings or a proportion of their winnings may be transferred immediately from their balance to an account which they have specified. It is unlawful to deposit funds obtained from ill-gotten means. Therefore all transactions are checked to prevent money laundering and suspicious transactions will be reported.
6. If no transaction has been recorded on a customer’s account for 30 months, the funds on the customer’s account will be paid out. If the customer cannot be located, the funds will be remitted to the MGA. This only applies to accounts which were already inactive on or before August 1st, 2018 as defined by General Terms & Conditions.
7. bet-at-home only pays out funds to the same account which was used to deposit to the betting account. bet-at-home reserves the right to deviate from this rule at its own discretion.
8. bet-at-home reserves the right to withhold funds from withdrawals if these funds were not used for wagering/betting.
9. Upon request, the customer is obliged to provide a copy of an official photographic identification document (passport, driving licence, personal ID card) as well as additional documents and information (e.g. proof of the used deposit method, proof of address, asset and salary information, selfies) within 30 days in order to enable the processing of the withdrawal.

J. Cash Out

1. The Cash Out option (including Partial and Automatic Cashout) allows an early Cash Out of a placed single, combi or bet-builder bet from the sports and live betting offer, thus selling the bet to bet-at-home before it is settled. The Cash Out option is not offered for system or multi-way bets.
2. The Cash Out option is not available if looked funds or bonus funds were used to place the bet.
3. The Cash Out amount is calculated based on the current odds minus a processing fee and cannot be negotiated. Bets sold via Cash Out are treated as settled. The actual final result of the respective bet does not influence the amount of the Cash Out.
4. bet-at-home tries to offer the Cash Out option as often as possible, but its availability cannot be guaranteed. bet-at-home is not liable for losses resulting from the Cash Out option not being available. If the Cash Out option is not available, the bets will be settled according to the odds with which they were placed.
5. bet-at-home reserves the right to withdraw or terminate the Cash Out option at any time without a warning. Furthermore, bet-at-home reserves the right to cancel withdrawals from a cashed out bet and claim the funds back from the customer in case of suspicion of abuse, an obvious error in odds, or an error in the settlement of the bets.
6. The Cash Out option can be deactivated at any time in the account settings.

K. Profit Limits

1. The profit limit per bet is 20,000 euros. If a customer places several identical bets regardless of the time or sequence, and the total winnings of these bets exceeds the maximum payout, bet-at-home has the right to reduce these total winnings as the total maximum payout for several identical bets is also 20,000 euros. bet-at-home is not liable for the excess amount, which exceeds this maximum payout.
2. The profit limit per customer and per week is 100,000 euros.

L. Promotion Offers

1. bet-at-home regularly offers promotions. Detailed participation conditions for a promotion offer can be found either on the referring promotion material or are sent to the customer via e-mail or any other valid way by bet-at-home.com. Such a valid way may be to provide the customer with a web address (URL) where the detailed participation conditions can be accessed.
The customer commits to read the appropriate participation conditions in detail prior to utilizing a particular promotion offer.
By participating the customer confirms that he/she has read and accepts the participation conditions.
2. All promotion offers apply only to the particular receiver and may only be utilized once. One and the same promotion offer (e.g. several bonuses of a single campaign) is limited to one betting account per person, family, household, IP address, computer or any other terminal (e.g. smartphone, tablet). Promotion offers must not be transferred or sold to third parties.
3. bet-at-home reserves the right to, at any time, change the participation conditions for promotion offers and to terminate the promotion offers. Further, bet-at-home reserves the right to, at their own discretion, request sufficient documents from customers in order to verify the customers’ identity prior to crediting amounts linked to promotion offers to the customers’ betting account or paying them out. bet-at-home reserves the right to completely or partially restrict customers’ participation eligibility for promotion offers at their own discretion.
4. bet-at-home reserves the right to claim back funds linked to promotion offers as well as any resulting winnings or other unrightfully obtained amounts at their own discretion, if

  • a customer breaches one or more conditions of the promotion offer;
  • there is reasonable suspicion that a customer, on his/her own or together with other customers, tries to elude or actually eludes the participation conditions for the promotion offer (e.g. by multiple registrations, particularly in connection with fictitious accounts or gaming communities or by “balance betting”);
  • customers have obtained a promotion offer by trickery or fraud.

5.1 Funds are divided as follows when a customer participates in a promotional offer for sports betting:
The deposited amount, which the bonus is credited for, will be locked until the participation conditions for the promotion offer have been fulfilled or can no longer be fulfilled (e.g. promotion period expires).
The amount customers receive for depositing as well as all resulting winnings will be displayed as “Bonus” funds until the participation conditions for the promotion offer have been fulfilled or can no longer be fulfilled (e.g. promotion period expires).
It is not possible to withdraw “Bonus” funds or locked funds amount resulting from the promotion offer until the participation conditions have been fulfilled. All resulting winnings linked to a promotion offer will remain linked to this until the participation conditions (e.g. rollover conditions) have been completely fulfilled, the promotion period has expired or the bonus funds have been used up. If the participation conditions (e.g. rollover conditions) have not been met by the end of the promotion offer, bet-at-home reserves the right to cancel funds granted in relation to the promotion offer and all resulting winnings.
5.2 When placing bets, available funds will be used in the following order:

  • Real funds
  • Bonus funds

This order applies irrespectively of any participation conditions (e.g. minimum odds).
6. In case of discrepancies between the general participation conditions for promotion offers in the general terms and conditions and the particular participation conditions for a certain promotion offer, the latter conditions take priority. In case of discrepancies between the English version of the (participation) conditions for promotion offers and a version in any other language the English version applies.