Fair, reliable, responsible

bet-at-home’s role is to provide entertainment, however it is also aware that gambling is a particularly sensitive service. Therefore the company creates conditions that will help the player enjoy gambling responsibly in moderation. In case of gambling problems, bet-at-home provides intervention measures to protect customers from negative consequences.

Social responsibility begins for bet-at-home with “Responsible Gaming”. bet-at-home has positioned itself as a company with a clear and standard profile. Consequently social responsibility is an integral part of all our business strategies to ensure a stable and future oriented environment for our customers and employees.

Values such as:

  • fairness
  • reliability
  • responsibility

are our highest priority. In order to ensure the best possible form of protection for our players, bet-at-home carries our extensive product testing at regular intervals.

Education & Awareness

With various measures, we help our players to gamble responsibly. It is important to provide awareness training in order to prevent addictive behaviour and dependency and to recognise early problematic changes in playing behavior.

We offer:

  • Measures for better self-assessment in the area of gambling addiction. With the help of a self-test, we are able to assist our customers in identifying the risks and dangers, so that they understand these and are therefore safer from them.
  • Concrete offers of assistance to always ensure that players are gambling responsibly.
  • Assistance with finding and making use of the help available.
  • As an active measure we allow our customers who suspect they have a gambling problem to independently limit their accounts or to completely block themselves.
  • Customer service is available for all of our customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week by telephone or by e-mail.

The gaming policy of bet-at-home takes into account the causes of problematic gaming behaviour. These are usually influenced by several factors. The relevant factors include, among other things, personal circumstances, influences from social environment and individual tendencies which may be genetic or psychological in nature. In our opinion, measures which focus on the availability of gambling miss the point of combatting abuse. Bans do not act as a deterrent, but rather make something more attractive. If people want to play, they will always find ways and means to do so.


bet-at-home has been cooperating for several years with the Institut Glücksspiel & Abhängigkeit (Institute for Gambling and Addiction). In addition to that, the company’s own fraud prevention department observes the playing behavior of its customers in order to prevent gambling addiction and security breaches.


Since 1st October 2015 bet-at-home has been a member of the Deutscher Sportwettenverband (DSWV). In this association, leading German and European sports betting providers that have already undergone a governmental reliability check in Germany, have joined forces to promote a modern and competition-driven regulation of sports betting in Germany. Furthermore, they have made it their goal to combat the black market, match fixing, and gambling addiction.


Furthermore, bet-at-home is a member of the “Deutscher Online Casino Verband – DOCV” (German Online Casino Association). The DOCV supports legally secure and market-compliant regulation in Germany which enables the competitive organisation and marketing of online casinos at international level. The stipulation for any system of regulation must be that it steers the already existing market into controlled channels and thus guarantees effective protection for players and young people.


bet-at-home is a member of the European Association for the Study of Gambling. The aim of the association is to intensify the dialogue between its members, who represent the different and very diverse aspects of gambling.

The association is a forum for systematic research in Europe into all aspects of gambling. The organisation also wants to promote candid discussion between the different groups that are involved with gambling. A further aim is to provide a source of information on specialist knowledge, legal foundations, regulations and studies concerning gambling in Europe.


As a trusted bookmaker that encourages open dialogue, bet-at-home undergoes the annual eCOCRA certification. The “eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance” is an independent organization which thoroughly tests and certifies online gaming providers. In order to receive the seal, led by a multi-member expert team, the company will be examined on-site in regards to player protection, fair gaming, and responsible conduct.


bet-at-home is a member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). The objective of IBIA is to identify conspicuous betting patterns early and thereby avoid match fixing. For this purpose an early warning system has been set up within the member companies, which identifies suspicious betting activities. A close co-operation with different sports authorities guarantees the notification of any suspicious fraudulent activity. This action is essential to prevent match fixing. Once the system indicates a possible match fixing, it is possible to remove the betting option of the affected game within one hour.


bet-at-home has been a member of the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (Österreichische Vereinigung für Wetten und Glücksspiel – OVWG) since September 2016. This is a voluntary consortium of the providers of online betting and gambling in Austria that successfully operate both nationally and internationally.

The providers that come together under the umbrella of the OVWG are striving to achieve a regulatory framework that applies throughout Austria and for the entire industry, one that creates legal certainty and is in accord with the guidelines of European Union law. The association also focuses on the integration of sport, effective prevention of compulsive gambling, protection of minors and on comprehensive prevention of criminal activity.

Play Fair Code

bet-at-home is a member of Play Fair Code – Association for Protecting the Integrity in Sport, who is a partner and expert in the fight against match fixing and for integrity in sports.

The Play Fair Code is an initiative of the Austrian ministry of sports (BMKOEDS), the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the Austrian Football Bundesliga (ÖFBL). It was founded and institutionalized in 2012 with the goal to reach competitions that are upright and free of manipulation together with the Austrian sports associations, athletes, managers, coaches as well the responsible persons in the associations through prevention measures, awareness raising, trainings and clarification. The Play Fair Code has been established as the central contact point/advisory body regarding prevention of match manipulation and betting fraud in Austrian sports. The Play Fair Code is also present internationally in various areas, including as a cooperation partner in several sponsored EU projects or as a valued and internationally renowned expert partner (UEFA, IOC, INTERPOL, IIHF etc.). Moreover, the Play Fair Code was awarded the European Fair Play Diploma 2014 in Riga for its dedication in the fight against match-fixing.


Responsible gaming is fun

Life is a game! That’s our motto which we strive to achieve. With joy and the required motivation, we work on expanding our wide variety of offers in sports betting, casino games and Vegas games for our customers every day. Exciting and fun entertainment is our priority, however in order for fun to remain your constant companion you should always play responsibly.

A few valuable tips:

  • Approach gaming with realistic expectations because that’s when the entertainment factor is at its highest.
  • Only play when you’re focused and rested.
  • Have regular breaks from playing.
  • Set how high your loss limit will be before you start playing.
  • Never play under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are in a depressive state.
  • Check out in advance our Responsible Gaming section and take the self-test.
  • Stick to a personal financial plan and a fixed budget.

For this purpose we offer you the possibility to set a playing limit* yourself. Please contact our bet-at-home customer service via e-mail [email protected] or via telephone at +356-27922492.

Personal playing limits

Are there moments in which you go over your playing budget or would you like to take precautionary financial measures? If yes, the following options are available for setting playing limits:

  • You set the amount of your choice over a certain period of time.
  • You can set a limit for the amount of losses in a certain period of time.
  • You can limit the amount of time and funds that you play per session.

Or, you can leave your account for a definite period of time or block it for an unspecified period.

More possibilities for self-regulation

As responsible gaming is of the utmost importance to bet-at-home, we offer our customers even more possibilities for self-regulation.

bet-at-home provides customers with, if needed:

  • Timeout periods for improved self-control.
  • A self-exclusion, set for a certain period of time chosen by the customer or for an undefined duration.

The time period available for self-regulation is at your discretion, ranging from timeouts of just a few days to self-exclusion options of months, years or even an indefinite period. Please contact us and our trained staff will be glad to assist you in determining a suitable period of time for a timeout or self-exclusion.

Within the designated time period, the customer is unable to use our offer, meaning wagering and deposits are impossible in the betting account. In addition to that, no newsletters or advertisements will be sent to the customer.

Should you choose to use one of these options, please contact customer service at [email protected].

*For legal reasons, limit change will only take effect after 24 hours. There are exceptions when the blocking time is extended or the gaming limit is reduced. Such changes can be implemented immediately. For this purpose, please contact bet-at-home customer service via e-mail or telephone.

Counselling for those affected by gambling

We offer online gambling for your entertainment. We are aware of the potential danger associated with gambling. Therefore we as a gaming provider place a high value on providing preventative measures for avoiding the dangers and addiction, as well as support for those who have already been affected.

According to the international classification system DSM-IV-TR, compulsive gambling is persistent and recurrent maladaptive gambling behaviour.

The main characteristics of gambling addiction are:

  • Before the match: The person concerned falls into a state of excitement and stress.
  • During and/or after the match: The person concerned experiences a satisfying feeling of relaxation.

The daily life, work, financial situation or the health of a compulsive gambler or their family will mostly suffer. This means that playing is permanently maladaptive for the individual’s situation in life and has negative consequences.

Pathological gambling is a form of non-substance related abuse. For the first time in 1991, the World Health Organisation (WHO) incorporated compulsive gambling into their international classification of mental disorders.

Compulsive gambling is a complex disease that is influenced by several factors. The contributing factors include, among other influences, social environment and individual tendencies, which may be genetic or psychological.

We would like to emphasise that a diagnosis in regards to problematic gambling behaviour can only be made by qualified experts. There are many organisations that are familiar with the topic of gambling and addictions. They offer counselling services for those affected and/or their relatives.

Protection of minors

bet-at-home does not allow anybody under the age of 18 to play on the website. Useful steps to prevent children from logging on and gambling without your knowledge can be found via the following link: www.cyberpatrol.com

Should you personally or someone you know require professional help, please contact the following organisations directly:

Institut Glücksspiel & Abhängigkeit (Institute of Gambling & Addiction)
Wilhelm-Kreß-Straße 3
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 662 87 40 30
Website: www.spielerschutz.eu
E-mail: [email protected]

2&3 Baden Place
Crosby Row, London
Tel.: +44 20 7378 5200
Fax: +44 20 7378 5237
Customer Service: +44 808 8020 133 (daily from 10am – 10pm)
Website: www.gamcare.org.uk
E-mail: [email protected]

Gamblers Anonymous
International Service Office
P.O. Box 17173
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel.: +1 (626) 960-3500
Fax: +1 (626) 960-3501
Website: www.gamblersanonymous.org
E-mail: [email protected]