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US elections

Bets on the 2020 US elections

On 8 November 2016, the USA elected their 45th president. Up for election were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Donald Trump prevailed by receiving 306 votes. The next presidential elections take place in 2020. Will Donald Trump remain US president? Bet on the 2020 US elections now and secure top odds!

Top odds for the 2020 US elections

Will 45th US president Donald Trump be reelected for a second term in the White House? Or will there be an early removal from office before the 2020 US elections? On 3 November, the US citizens will once again elect the president of the United States of America. Who will run for the Democrats and challenge the current US president? bet-at-home has the most up-to-date odds for the 2020 US presidential elections. You can find exciting info and betting tips from our experts in the bet-at-home blog!

How does the US election system work?

In contrast to many other countries, the president is elected indirectly in the United States of America. It is the Electoral College who votes for one candidate – more or less bound to the votes of the citizens. This system of electors stems from the 18th century when the population had limited access to information. Therefore, the electors travelled through their respective states and tried to win the men and women over for one of the presidential candidates.

The number of electors represents the size of the population of a state. Therefore, it is important to win the big states. In total, there are 538 electors. A candidate therefore needs 270 votes in the US presidential elections in order to make it to the White House. Usually, the candidate with the most votes receives all electoral votes of one state. But not in Maine and Nebraska. There the so-called congressional district method is used. This means that the electors are divided based on the ratio of votes. The winner then receives two electors by the statewide popular vote. Those of the district electors go to the winner of the individual congressional districts. Therefore, also the losing presidential candidate can receive one individual vote.

Election day

On election day, not only the president of the United States of America is elected, often congress, governor and local elections as well as referenda also take place. The votes are also cast in different ways: classic ballot, punch card or computer system. Additionally, US citizens also often need to be patient. As polling locations have too many voters, it’s normal to wait for hours. Polling locations usually open at 6:00, only in Dixville Notch the 12 inhabitants vote at midnight already. For the US elections ‘poll closing’ usually takes place between 18:00 and 21:00. However, everyone who is still waiting in line at that time can still vote. Also the time difference within the USA adds extra excitement to the vote count. Therefore, the winner of the US presidential elections is often only declared late at night.

The results of the 2016 US elections

The votes of the 538 electors were distributed among the presidential candidates as follows:
Candidate Electors
Donald Trump 306
Hillary Clinton 232

Hillary Clinton – Democrats

She already had great influence on the decisions of her husband Bill Clinton when she was First Lady. Afterwards, she started her own political career and became senator of New York (2001–2009). Already in 2007, she campaigned for the US presidency but lost to Barack Obama. He, however, brought her into the government as Secretary of State (2009–2013). In the party internal primaries of the Democrats she prevailed against Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump – Republicans

Known from TV, the political stage was uncharted territory for the builder and multi-millionaire. He surprised many with his US election candidacy for the Republicans, but was able to quickly win over the population. Several drops of a brick followed, but he still prevailed against known US politicians like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. They all pulled back their candidacies after disappointing results in the primaries.

Top bets on politics

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