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Betting opportunities for the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Betting opportunities for the 2016 U.S. presidential election
Who will be the next president of the United States? Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Who will move into the White House? The United States elect their next president on 8 November. Current president Barack Obama has already served two terms of office and cannot run again. Politics fans can find the best odds for the U.S. presidential election at

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Elections in the United States

Who will be the next president of the United States?
As opposed to many other countries, the president is elected indirectly in the USA. The "Electoral College" votes for a candidate, more or less in accordance with the public’s wishes. This system of electors originated in the 18th century, when the flow of information wasn’t as developed as it is today. The electors travelled through their states and tried to win the public over for a specific candidate.

The number of electors per state depends on the state’s population. This is why it is so important for the candidates to win over the bigger states. There are 538 electors. A candidate needs 270 votes to make it into the White House. Usually the candidate who has the most votes will receive all electors’ votes within one state. In Maine and Nebraska, however, the "congressional district method" is used. Broadly speaking, this means that the electors are distributed proportionally. The winner receives the electoral votes per senator of the state. The electoral votes of the congressional districts go to the winners of the districts. Therefore, the losing candidate can receive single electoral votes.

Who will be the next president of the United States?

USA, US presidential election
Long term
Which candidate will win the 59th US presidential election?01.11.20 12:00
2.45Donald Trump9.75Bernie Sanders
9.75Kamala Harris13.00Elizabeth Warren
13.00Joe Biden15.00Mike Pence
20.00Kirsten Gillibrand25.00Cory Booker
25.00Oprah Winfrey30.00Michelle Obama
40.00Paul Ryan40.00Andrew Cuomo
40.00Deval Patrick40.00Julian Castro
40.00Sherrod Brown40.00Tom Wolf
40.00Al Franken50.00Hillary Clinton
50.00Michael Bloomberg50.00Amy Klobuchar
50.00Keith Ellison50.00Joe Kennedy III
50.00Dwayne Johnson50.00Gavin Newsom
50.00Rick Scott65.00Al Gore
65.00Mitt Romney65.00John Kasich
65.00Marco Rubio65.00Scott Walker
65.00Bill De Blasio65.00Tulsi Gabbard
65.00John Hickenlooper65.00Mark Zuckerberg
65.00Jesse Ventura65.00Maxine Waters
65.00Pete Buttigieg80.00Tim Kaine
80.00Rahm Emmanuel80.00Nikki Haley
80.00Ted Cruz80.00Rand Paul
80.00George Clooney80.00Tom Cotton
80.00Tim Scott80.00Terry McAuliffe
80.00Mark Cuban80.00Rufus Gifford
80.00Howard Schultz80.00Ben Shapiro
100.00Jeb Bush100.00Rob Portman
100.00Chris Christie100.00Martin O´Malley
100.00Ivanka Trump100.00Ben Sasse
100.00Tammy Duckworth100.00Chelsea Clinton
100.00Tim Cook100.00Jason Kander
100.00Trey Gowdy100.00Seth Moulton
100.00Nancy Pelosi100.00Jay Inslee
125.00Adam Kokesh150.00John Kerry
150.00Bill Gates150.00Ron Perlman
150.00Kanye West150.00Michael Moore
200.00Arnold Schwarzenegger200.00Vince McMahon
200.00Kendrick Lamar200.00TJ Kirk
200.00Chuck Norris

Election Day

Not just the president is elected on Election Day. Congress, gubernatorial and local elections as well as referenda are also held on that day. Votes are cast in different ways: via ballots, punched cards or computer systems. Often, the citizens have to be patient. Waiting for hours is quite usual as there are too many voters per polling station. Usually, the polling stations open at 6:00, only the twelve inhabitants of Dixville Notch already vote at midnight. "Poll closing" is usually between 18:00 and 21:00. Everyone who is still waiting in the polling station queue at that time, can still cast their votes. The time difference within the USA adds suspense to the vote count which often leads to the winner being announced late at night.

Hillary Clinton - Democrats

Hillary Clinton - Democrats
As First Lady she already had great influence on the decisions of her husband Bill Clinton. Afterwards, she started her own political career and was elected senator for the state New York (2001-2009). In 2007, she already entered the race for president but lost to Barack Obama, who then made her his Secretary of State (2009-2013). Now she was able to win the Democratic Party primaries against Bernie Sanders and has a good chance to become the first female president leading the USA.

Donald Trump - Republicans

Donald Trump - Republicans
Known as a TV personality, politics was a new stage for the businessman and multimillionaire. His candidacy for the Republicans came as a surprise for many but he soon won over the population. A number of blunders followed; nevertheless, he was able to prevail over names well known in politics like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. They all renounced their candidacy after disappointing results in the primaries.
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