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Single bet
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American football bets

American football bets
The best odds for the NFL Touchdown: The NFL is back! And just like every year, its highlight will be the Super Bowl. The showdown will take place on February 5th in the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. More than a billion people around the world will watch the battle for the much sought-after trophy. The bets for the National Football League are available at!

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Our NFL sports bets – ready for kickoff?

NFL betting odds
The NFL season will be packed with action: On 17 game days, 32 teams will fight for 12 playoff spots in 256 matches in the regular season. Each team has one "Bye Week" in which they do not have any games. The postseason starts with the wild card games. The two best teams of each conference receive a bye at first. In the divisional playoffs, the teams then compete for a spot in the Conference Championship games. The winners of the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) will then face one another in the Super Bowl and fight for the overall victory.
Arizona Cardinals - Denver Broncos
19.10.18 02:202.101.71+1
Los Angeles Chargers - Tennessee Titans [Neutral venue]
21.10.18 15:301.363.06+2
New York Jets - Minnesota Vikings
21.10.18 19:002.341.58+2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cleveland Browns
21.10.18 19:001.602.31+2
Jacksonville Jaguars - Houston Texans
21.10.18 19:001.442.72+1
Philadelphia Eagles - Carolina Panthers
21.10.18 19:001.462.68+2
Chicago Bears - New England Patriots
21.10.18 19:002.331.58+2
Baltimore Ravens - New Orleans Saints
21.10.18 22:051.702.12+2
Washington Redskins - Dallas Cowboys
21.10.18 22:251.792.00+2
San Francisco 49ers - Los Angeles Rams
21.10.18 22:254.331.21+2
Kansas City Chiefs - Cincinnati Bengals
22.10.18 02:201.373.00+2
Atlanta Falcons - New York Giants
23.10.18 02:151.382.97+1

Touchdown, end zone, quarterback and Co.

American Football Field
At first glance, the NFL can seem very complicated, but just like in other sports, it is about points: The teams consist of an offence and a defence. If the team is in possession of the ball, it is the offence’s turn. The quarterback starts the play. The goal is to advance the ball to the end zone and score a touchdown. If they succeed, the team will get 6 points. Additionally, it is possible to score points with a field goal.

Who will win the Super Bowl LI?

SuperBowl bets
There can only be one winning team. Which team will lift the legendary Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season? Will the Broncos remain the No. 1 in their first season without Peyton Manning? Or will another team celebrate the win of the year’s biggest sports event? The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record with 6 wins (1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005, 2008). They have been the only team so far to successfully defend their title twice. The last team to do so were the New England Patriots 2003 and 2004.

The Super Bowl has been held 50 times already. NFC teams won 26 times, whereas AFC teams triumphed 24 times. Only four of the participating teams have never made it to the final: The Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans.

USA, NFL Superbowl Winner
Long term
NFL 2018/19 Super Bowl 53 - Winner03.02.19 00:30
4.10Los Angeles Rams7.00New England Patriots
8.00Kansas City Chiefs9.50New Orleans Saints
14.00Minnesota Vikings17.00Philadelphia Eagles
18.75Pittsburgh Steelers18.50Los Angeles Chargers
20.00Baltimore Ravens21.00Green Bay Packers
22.00Jacksonville Jaguars26.00Chicago Bears
32.00Cincinnati Bengals34.00Carolina Panthers
38.00Houston Texans38.00Dallas Cowboys
47.00Washington Redskins50.00Atlanta Falcons
68.00Detroit Lions74.00Seattle Seahawks
80.00Miami Dolphins80.00Tennessee Titans
100.00New York Jets130.00Cleveland Browns
130.00Denver Broncos130.00Tampa Bay Buccaneers
195.00New York Giants220.00Indianapolis Colts
260.00Buffalo Bills300.00San Francisco 49ers
350.00Oakland Raiders490.00Arizona Cardinals

The Super Bowl winners of the past few years:

2016: Denver Broncos 2015: New England Patriots
2014: Seattle Seahawks 2013: Baltimore Ravens
2012: New York Giants 2011: Green Bay Packers
2010: New Orleans Saints 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers
2008: New York Giants 2007: Indianapolis Colts
2006: Pittsburgh Steelers 2005: New England Patriots
2004: New England Patriots 2003: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2002: New England Patriots 2001: Baltimore Ravens
2000: St. Louis Rams 1999: Denver Broncos
1998: Denver Broncos 1997: Green Bay Packers
1996: Dallas Cowboys 1995: San Francisco 49ers
1994: Dallas Cowboys 1993: Dallas Cowboys
1992: Washington Redskins 1991: New York Giants
1990: San Francisco 49ers 1989: San Francisco 49ers
1988: Washington Redskins 1987: New York Giants
1986: Chicago Bears 1985: San Francisco 49ers
1984: Los Angeles Raiders 1983: Washington Redskins
1982: San Francisco 49ers 1981: Oakland Raiders
1980: Pittsburgh Steelers 1979: Pittsburgh Steelers
1978: Dallas Cowboys 1977: Oakland Raiders
1976: Pittsburgh Steelers 1975: Pittsburgh Steelers
1974: Miami Dolphins 1973: Miami Dolphins
1972: Dallas Cowboys 1971: Baltimore Colts
1970: Kansas City Chiefs 1969: New York Jets
1968: Green Bay Packers 1967: Green Bay Packers

Who will be the MVP?

Last season, Carolina superman Cam Newton won the Most Valuable Player Award. The Panthers superstar threw 35 passing touchdowns and rushed for 636 yards with the ball – that’s 31 yards less than Peyton Manning rushed in his entire career. Who will be MVP this time? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Russell Wilson? Or will "Big Ben" Roethlisberger snatch the award away from them? Who’s on fire?

American football is popular worldwide!

NFL bets
Since the 2007 season, the NFL knows no bounds. In the NFL International Series, the stars visit their fans. Each autumn, exciting matches of the regular season are held outside of the USA. It all started with the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers in 2005 in the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Since 2007, at least one game is traditionally held at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London. In 2016, another overseas venue was added: the Twickenham Stadium, the home of England Rugby. There, NFL fans can experience all the football action up close.

Football results – your touchdown?!

The best of the best! Who was in the lead last in the stadium? Who scored the deciding touchdown? Who got the football into the end zone more often? Have you placed your bets correctly? The next highlights are coming soon…
Green Bay Packers - San Francisco 49ers
16.10.18 02:1533:30
New England Patriots - Kansas City Chiefs
15.10.18 02:2043:40
Tennessee Titans - Baltimore Ravens
14.10.18 22:250:21
Dallas Cowboys - Jacksonville Jaguars
14.10.18 22:2540:7
Denver Broncos - Los Angeles Rams
14.10.18 22:0520:23
Miami Dolphins - Chicago Bears
14.10.18 19:0031:28
Minnesota Vikings - Arizona Cardinals
14.10.18 19:0027:17
Cleveland Browns - Los Angeles Chargers
14.10.18 19:0014:38
Washington Redskins - Carolina Panthers
14.10.18 19:0023:17
Atlanta Falcons - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14.10.18 19:0034:29
Cincinnati Bengals - Pittsburgh Steelers
14.10.18 19:0021:28
Houston Texans - Buffalo Bills
14.10.18 19:0020:13
Oakland Raiders - Seattle Seahawks [Neutral venue]
14.10.18 19:003:27
New York Jets - Indianapolis Colts
14.10.18 19:0042:34
New York Giants - Philadelphia Eagles
12.10.18 02:2013:34
New Orleans Saints - Washington Redskins
09.10.18 02:1543:19
Houston Texans - Dallas Cowboys
08.10.18 02:2019:16
Philadelphia Eagles - Minnesota Vikings
07.10.18 22:2521:23
Seattle Seahawks - Los Angeles Rams
07.10.18 22:2531:33
San Francisco 49ers - Arizona Cardinals
07.10.18 22:2518:28
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