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With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
11.08.2020 22:47
Armend S.
Combi bet
25162.09 CHF
11.08.2020 22:53
Tomasz K.
Combi bet
17041.93 EUR
12.08.2020 02:10
Holger K.
Combi bet
8503.32 EUR
11.08.2020 22:55
Marco S.
Combi bet
6599.99 EUR

Men, PGA Tour

Wyndham Championship 2020 - Winner17.08.20 02:00
10.50Simpson, Webb12.00Koepka, Brooks
16.40Reed, Patrick17.70Fleetwood, Tommy
20.00Casey, Paul21.60Rose, Justin
25.50English, Harris32.00Horschel, Billy
32.00Kisner, Kevin33.00Todd, Brendon
34.00Im, Sung-Jae35.00Kim, Si-Woo
35.00Moore, Ryan38.00Lowry, Shane
43.00Spieth, Jordan46.00Garcia, Sergio
50.00Snedeker, Brandt50.00Henley, Russell
51.00Reavie, Chez51.00Conners, Corey
52.00Niemann, Joaquin58.00Poston, JT
66.00Frittelli, Dylan66.00Bezuidenhout, Christiaan
67.00Lewis, Tom68.00Redman, Doc
70.00Norlander, Henrik73.00Furyk, Jim
73.00Howell, Charles73.00Schwab, Matthias
73.00Varner Iii, Harold74.00Glover, Lucas
80.00Wallace, Matt80.00Sabbatini, Rory
80.00Rodgers, Patrick81.00Schwartzel, Charl
81.00Harman, Brian83.00Mcnealy, Maverick
86.00Straka, Sepp89.00Cauley, William Bud
90.00Willett, Daniel91.00Kirk, Chris
92.00Burns, Sam94.00List, Luke
95.00Stanley, Kyle96.00Grace, Branden
98.00Gordon, Will100.00Kokrak, Jason
100.00Long, Adam100.00Stallings, Scott
105.00Wise, Aaron105.00Garnett, Brice
115.00Hoffman, Charley115.00Vegas, Jhonattan
115.00Ortiz, Carlos115.00Davis, Cameron
120.00Cabrera Bello, Rafael120.00McCarthy, Denny
125.00Gooch, Talor125.00Merritt, Troy
130.00Johnson, Zach130.00Perez, Pat
130.00Ventura, Kristoffer130.00Armour, Ryan
140.00Schenk, Adam145.00Mcdowell, Graeme
145.00Mitchell, Keith145.00Hubbard, Mark
150.00Zhang, Xin Jun155.00Piercy, Scott
155.00Lee, Danny160.00Landry, Andrew
160.00Hadley, Chesson165.00Cook, Austin
165.00Munoz, Sebastian165.00Bryan, Wesley
175.00Hagy, Brandon180.00Hoge, Tom
185.00Pan, C.t.185.00Knox, Russell
185.00Ryder, Sam185.00Gomez, Fabian
190.00Dufner, Jason190.00Bramlett, Joseph
190.00Power, Seamus195.00Clark, Wyndham
200.00Lashley, Nate200.00Jones, Matthew
200.00Stuard, Brian200.00Kizzire, Patton
200.00Duncan, Tyler210.00Kang, Sung Hoon
210.00Watney, Nick210.00Lee, Kyoung Hoon
210.00Shelton, Robby210.00Seiffert, Chase
220.00Apinbarnrat, Kiradej220.00Hoag, Bo
230.00Cink, Stewart230.00Ghim, Doug
240.00Hossler, Beau240.00Burgoon, Bronson
240.00Nesmith, Matthew240.00Streb, Robert
240.00Donald, Luke250.00Haas, Bill
250.00Wilkinson, Tim260.00Baker, Chris
270.00Higgs, Harry290.00Spaun, J.j.
290.00Brown, Scott290.00Lahiri, Anirban
300.00Baddeley, Aaron300.00Stroud, Chris
300.00Sloan, Roger300.00Percy, Cameron
325.00Harrington, Scott325.00Tway, Kevin
325.00Blair, Zac325.00Hearn, David
325.00Anderson, Mark325.00Gligic, Michael
325.00Murray, Grayson350.00Gay, Brian
350.00Malnati, Peter375.00Hickok, Kramer
375.00Pettersson, Carl425.00Lebioda, Hank
425.00Gibson, Rhein450.00Atwal, Arjun
450.00McCumber, Mark450.00Brehm, Ryan
475.00Bhatia, Akshay475.00Herman, Jim
475.00Oppenheim, Rob475.00Potter, Ted
475.00Gellerman, Michael500.00Cappelen, Sebastian
500.00Whaley, Vincent525.00Love, Davis
525.00Every, Matthew575.00Ledesma, Nelson Lautaro
575.00Taylor, Ben575.00Trahan, D.j.
575.00Van Pelt, Bo675.00Chalmers, Greg
700.00Kim, Michael700.00Covello, Vince
850.00Senden, John1100.00Trainer, Martin
1500.00Berganio, David
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Leader after round 117.08.20 02:00
25.70Simpson, Webb25.70Koepka, Brooks
31.00Reed, Patrick34.00Fleetwood, Tommy
35.00Rose, Justin35.00Casey, Paul
43.00English, Harris48.00Kisner, Kevin
48.00Spieth, Jordan50.00Horschel, Billy
50.00Lowry, Shane50.00Im, Sung-Jae
50.00Todd, Brendon50.00Kim, Si-Woo
53.00Garcia, Sergio53.00Moore, Ryan
58.00Reavie, Chez58.00Snedeker, Brandt
58.00Conners, Corey58.00Niemann, Joaquin
58.00Henley, Russell61.00Poston, JT
63.00Howell, Charles66.00Glover, Lucas
66.00Lewis, Tom66.00Frittelli, Dylan
66.00Schwab, Matthias66.00Bezuidenhout, Christiaan
66.00Varner Iii, Harold66.00Norlander, Henrik
68.00Redman, Doc68.00Rodgers, Patrick
73.00Hoffman, Charley74.00Schwartzel, Charl
74.00Harman, Brian75.00List, Luke
75.00Wallace, Matt75.00Sabbatini, Rory
75.00Kirk, Chris75.00Cauley, William Bud
75.00Mcnealy, Maverick75.00Straka, Sepp
80.00Burns, Sam80.00Furyk, Jim
80.00Stanley, Kyle80.00Willett, Daniel
81.00Garnett, Brice81.00Stallings, Scott
85.00Grace, Branden85.00Kokrak, Jason
85.00Gooch, Talor85.00Perez, Pat
85.00Long, Adam90.00Wise, Aaron
90.00Gordon, Will90.00Vegas, Jhonattan
90.00Merritt, Troy90.00Ortiz, Carlos
95.00Cabrera Bello, Rafael95.00Johnson, Zach
95.00Davis, Cameron95.00Ryder, Sam
95.00McCarthy, Denny100.00Mcdowell, Graeme
100.00Piercy, Scott100.00Mitchell, Keith
100.00Lee, Danny100.00Zhang, Xin Jun
100.00Hadley, Chesson100.00Hubbard, Mark
100.00Schenk, Adam100.00Ventura, Kristoffer
100.00Armour, Ryan105.00Knox, Russell
105.00Munoz, Sebastian105.00Bramlett, Joseph
115.00Hoge, Tom125.00Dufner, Jason
125.00Pan, C.t.125.00Lashley, Nate
125.00Hoag, Bo125.00Jones, Matthew
125.00Uihlein, Peter125.00Stuard, Brian
125.00Kizzire, Patton125.00Lee, Kyoung Hoon
125.00Landry, Andrew125.00Nesmith, Matthew
125.00Shelton, Robby125.00Duncan, Tyler
125.00Clark, Wyndham125.00Gomez, Fabian
125.00Seiffert, Chase125.00Martin, Ben
125.00Power, Seamus125.00Bryan, Wesley
125.00Hagy, Brandon135.00Kang, Sung Hoon
135.00Cink, Stewart135.00Cook, Austin
140.00Apinbarnrat, Kiradej140.00Watney, Nick
140.00Burgoon, Bronson150.00Hossler, Beau
150.00Haas, Bill150.00Ghim, Doug
150.00Wilkinson, Tim150.00Streb, Robert
150.00Donald, Luke160.00Brown, Scott
175.00Spaun, J.j.175.00Higgs, Harry
175.00Teater, Josh175.00Baker, Chris
175.00Baddeley, Aaron175.00Stroud, Chris
175.00Sloan, Roger175.00Lahiri, Anirban
185.00Gay, Brian185.00Hearn, David
185.00Anderson, Mark185.00Percy, Cameron
200.00Harrington, Scott200.00Hickok, Kramer
200.00Tway, Kevin200.00Blair, Zac
200.00Gligic, Michael200.00Murray, Grayson
200.00Malnati, Peter200.00Pettersson, Carl
220.00McCumber, Mark220.00Lebioda, Hank
220.00Every, Matthew220.00Gibson, Rhein
250.00Love, Davis250.00Bhatia, Akshay
250.00Atwal, Arjun250.00Herman, Jim
250.00Oppenheim, Rob250.00Potter, Ted
250.00Brehm, Ryan250.00Cappelen, Sebastian
250.00Whaley, Vincent250.00Gellerman, Michael
270.00Ledesma, Nelson Lautaro270.00Taylor, Ben
270.00Trahan, D.j.270.00Van Pelt, Bo
270.00Paolini, Brinson300.00Chalmers, Greg
350.00Senden, John350.00Kim, Michael
350.00Covello, Vince350.00Shuman, Jake
400.00Trainer, Martin500.00Berganio, David
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Will there be a playoff?17.08.20 02:00
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Will there be a hole in one?17.08.20 02:00
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Winning margin17.08.20 02:00
3.501 shot4.00Playoff
4.004 shots or more5.002 shots
6.503 shots
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Top European17.08.20 02:00
5.00Fleetwood, Tommy6.20Casey, Paul
6.70Rose, Justin10.50Lowry, Shane
11.40Garcia, Sergio14.90Lewis, Tom
14.90Schwab, Matthias15.90Norlander, Henrik
17.90Straka, Sepp18.90Sabbatini, Rory
20.00Wallace, Matt24.40Willett, Daniel
24.50Cabrera Bello, Rafael32.00Mcdowell, Graeme
34.00Knox, Russell34.00Ventura, Kristoffer
41.00Power, Seamus56.00Donald, Luke
91.00Pettersson, Carl115.00Cappelen, Sebastian
150.00Taylor, Ben
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Top Irish17.08.20 02:00
1.58Lowry, Shane4.05Mcdowell, Graeme
4.55Power, Seamus
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Top English17.08.20 02:00
3.30Fleetwood, Tommy3.70Casey, Paul
3.80Rose, Justin8.35Lewis, Tom
9.85Wallace, Matt11.30Willett, Daniel
25.60Donald, Luke66.00Taylor, Ben
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Top Asian17.08.20 02:00
3.20Im, Sung-Jae3.30Kim, Si-Woo
8.85Zhang, Xin Jun9.85Pan, C.t.
10.90Lee, Kyoung Hoon11.20Apinbarnrat, Kiradej
12.00Kang, Sung Hoon15.10Lahiri, Anirban
25.50Atwal, Arjun
Wyndham Championship 2020 - Top Continental European17.08.20 02:00
4.10Garcia, Sergio