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Top Winners
24.05.2019 21:02
Amil H.
Combi bet
9918.55 CHF
24.05.2019 22:51
Jasmin K.
Combi bet
6480.00 EUR
24.05.2019 13:17
Herbert P.
Single bet
4392.00 EUR
25.05.2019 00:45
Grga z.
Single bet
3710.05 EUR

USA, NFL Superbowl Winner

Long term
NFL 2019/20 Super Bowl 54 - Winner (Double chance)03.02.20 00:30
4.30New England Patriots or New Orleans Saints4.50Kansas City Chiefs or New Orleans Saints
4.50New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams5.00Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Rams
5.50Los Angeles Chargers or Los Angeles Rams5.50Los Angeles Chargers or New Orleans Saints
5.50New England Patriots or Chicago Bears5.50New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles
6.00Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints6.00Kansas City Chiefs or Chicago Bears
6.00Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles6.00Indianapolis Colts or Los Angeles Rams
6.00New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers6.00New England Patriots or Minnesota Vikings
6.00Cleveland Browns or New Orleans Saints6.00New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys
6.00Cleveland Browns or Los Angeles Rams6.50Kansas City Chiefs or Green Bay Packers
6.50Kansas City Chiefs or Minnesota Vikings6.50Pittsburgh Steelers or New Orleans Saints
6.50Kansas City Chiefs or Dallas Cowboys6.50New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons
6.50New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks6.50New England Patriots or San Francisco 49ers
7.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Los Angeles Rams7.00Houston Texans or New Orleans Saints
7.00Jacksonville Jaguars or New Orleans Saints7.00Kansas City Chiefs or Atlanta Falcons
7.00Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers7.00New England Patriots or Carolina Panthers
7.50Baltimore Ravens or Los Angeles Rams7.50Baltimore Ravens or New Orleans Saints
7.50Houston Texans or Los Angeles Rams7.50Kansas City Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks
7.50Jacksonville Jaguars or Los Angeles Rams7.50Los Angeles Chargers or Chicago Bears
7.50New England Patriots or New York Giants7.50Los Angeles Chargers or Green Bay Packers
7.50Los Angeles Chargers or Philadelphia Eagles7.50New England Patriots or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7.50New England Patriots or Washington Redskins8.00Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8.00Denver Broncos or New Orleans Saints8.00Kansas City Chiefs or Carolina Panthers
8.00Tennessee Titans or New Orleans Saints8.00Indianapolis Colts or Chicago Bears
8.00Los Angeles Chargers or Minnesota Vikings8.00New York Jets or New Orleans Saints
8.00Indianapolis Colts or Philadelphia Eagles8.00New England Patriots or Arizona Cardinals
8.00New England Patriots or Detroit Lions8.00Los Angeles Chargers or Dallas Cowboys
8.00Cleveland Browns or Chicago Bears8.00Cleveland Browns or Philadelphia Eagles
8.50Kansas City Chiefs or New York Giants8.50Buffalo Bills or New Orleans Saints
8.50Kansas City Chiefs or Arizona Cardinals8.50Kansas City Chiefs or Detroit Lions
8.50Kansas City Chiefs or Washington Redskins8.50Cincinnati Bengals or New Orleans Saints
8.50Denver Broncos or Los Angeles Rams8.50Miami Dolphins or New Orleans Saints
8.50New York Jets or Los Angeles Rams8.50Oakland Raiders or Los Angeles Rams
8.50Oakland Raiders or New Orleans Saints8.50Tennessee Titans or Los Angeles Rams
8.50Indianapolis Colts or Green Bay Packers8.50Los Angeles Chargers or Atlanta Falcons
8.50Los Angeles Chargers or San Francisco 49ers8.50Cleveland Browns or Green Bay Packers
9.00Buffalo Bills or Los Angeles Rams9.00Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams
9.00Miami Dolphins or Los Angeles Rams9.00Indianapolis Colts or Minnesota Vikings
9.00Los Angeles Chargers or Seattle Seahawks9.00Cleveland Browns or Minnesota Vikings
10.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Chicago Bears10.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Philadelphia Eagles
10.00Indianapolis Colts or Dallas Cowboys10.00Indianapolis Colts or Atlanta Falcons
10.00Indianapolis Colts or San Francisco 49ers10.00Los Angeles Chargers or Carolina Panthers
10.00Cleveland Browns or Dallas Cowboys10.00Cleveland Browns or Atlanta Falcons
10.00Cleveland Browns or San Francisco 49ers11.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers
11.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Minnesota Vikings11.00Houston Texans or Chicago Bears
11.00Houston Texans or Philadelphia Eagles11.00Indianapolis Colts or Seattle Seahawks
11.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Chicago Bears11.00Los Angeles Chargers or New York Giants
11.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Philadelphia Eagles11.00Los Angeles Chargers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11.00Los Angeles Chargers or Arizona Cardinals11.00Los Angeles Chargers or Detroit Lions
11.00Los Angeles Chargers or Washington Redskins11.00Cleveland Browns or Seattle Seahawks
12.00Baltimore Ravens or Chicago Bears12.00Baltimore Ravens or Philadelphia Eagles
13.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys13.00Baltimore Ravens or Green Bay Packers
13.00Houston Texans or Green Bay Packers13.00Houston Texans or Minnesota Vikings
13.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Atlanta Falcons13.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Green Bay Packers
13.00Indianapolis Colts or Carolina Panthers13.00Indianapolis Colts or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13.00Cleveland Browns or Carolina Panthers13.00Cleveland Browns or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15.00Baltimore Ravens or Minnesota Vikings15.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Seattle Seahawks
15.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Minnesota Vikings15.00Pittsburgh Steelers or San Francisco 49ers
15.00Baltimore Ravens or Dallas Cowboys15.00Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears
15.00Houston Texans or Dallas Cowboys15.00Indianapolis Colts or New York Giants
15.00Tennessee Titans or Chicago Bears15.00Denver Broncos or Philadelphia Eagles
15.00Houston Texans or Atlanta Falcons15.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Dallas Cowboys
15.00New York Jets or Chicago Bears15.00Tennessee Titans or Green Bay Packers
15.00Tennessee Titans or Philadelphia Eagles15.00Indianapolis Colts or Arizona Cardinals
15.00Indianapolis Colts or Detroit Lions15.00Indianapolis Colts or Washington Redskins
15.00New York Jets or Philadelphia Eagles15.00Cleveland Browns or New York Giants
15.00Cleveland Browns or Arizona Cardinals15.00Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions
15.00Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins17.00Baltimore Ravens or Atlanta Falcons
17.00Buffalo Bills or Chicago Bears17.00Cincinnati Bengals or Chicago Bears
17.00Denver Broncos or Green Bay Packers17.00Denver Broncos or Minnesota Vikings
17.00Houston Texans or Seattle Seahawks17.00Miami Dolphins or Chicago Bears
17.00Oakland Raiders or Chicago Bears17.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Carolina Panthers
17.00Tennessee Titans or Minnesota Vikings17.00Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers
17.00Buffalo Bills or Green Bay Packers17.00Buffalo Bills or Philadelphia Eagles
17.00Cincinnati Bengals or Philadelphia Eagles17.00Houston Texans or San Francisco 49ers
17.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Atlanta Falcons17.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Seattle Seahawks
17.00Miami Dolphins or Philadelphia Eagles17.00New York Jets or Green Bay Packers
17.00New York Jets or Minnesota Vikings17.00Oakland Raiders or Green Bay Packers
17.00Oakland Raiders or Philadelphia Eagles17.00Tennessee Titans or Dallas Cowboys
17.00Jacksonville Jaguars or San Francisco 49ers19.00Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Giants
19.00Baltimore Ravens or Seattle Seahawks19.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
19.00Buffalo Bills or Minnesota Vikings19.00Cincinnati Bengals or Green Bay Packers
19.00Cincinnati Bengals or Minnesota Vikings19.00Denver Broncos or Dallas Cowboys
19.00Miami Dolphins or Green Bay Packers19.00Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings
19.00Oakland Raiders or Minnesota Vikings19.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Washington Redskins
19.00Buffalo Bills or Dallas Cowboys19.00Denver Broncos or Atlanta Falcons
19.00Houston Texans or Carolina Panthers19.00New York Jets or Dallas Cowboys
19.00Oakland Raiders or Dallas Cowboys19.00Tennessee Titans or Atlanta Falcons
19.00New York Jets or Atlanta Falcons19.00Tennessee Titans or San Francisco 49ers
20.00Baltimore Ravens or New York Giants20.00Houston Texans or New York Giants
20.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Arizona Cardinals20.00Pittsburgh Steelers or Detroit Lions
20.00Baltimore Ravens or Carolina Panthers20.00Baltimore Ravens or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20.00Cincinnati Bengals or Dallas Cowboys20.00Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks
20.00Houston Texans or Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or New York Giants
20.00Miami Dolphins or Dallas Cowboys20.00Tennessee Titans or Seattle Seahawks
20.00Baltimore Ravens or Arizona Cardinals20.00Baltimore Ravens or Detroit Lions
20.00Baltimore Ravens or Washington Redskins20.00Buffalo Bills or Atlanta Falcons
20.00Buffalo Bills or San Francisco 49ers20.00Buffalo Bills or Seattle Seahawks
20.00Cincinnati Bengals or Atlanta Falcons20.00Cincinnati Bengals or San Francisco 49ers
20.00Cincinnati Bengals or Seattle Seahawks20.00Denver Broncos or San Francisco 49ers
20.00Houston Texans or Arizona Cardinals20.00Houston Texans or Detroit Lions
20.00Houston Texans or Washington Redskins20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Arizona Cardinals
20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Carolina Panthers20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Detroit Lions
20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.00Jacksonville Jaguars or Washington Redskins
20.00Miami Dolphins or Atlanta Falcons20.00Miami Dolphins or San Francisco 49ers
20.00Miami Dolphins or Seattle Seahawks20.00New York Jets or San Francisco 49ers
20.00New York Jets or Seattle Seahawks20.00Oakland Raiders or Atlanta Falcons
20.00Oakland Raiders or San Francisco 49ers20.00Oakland Raiders or Seattle Seahawks
20.00Tennessee Titans or Carolina Panthers25.00Tennessee Titans or New York Giants
25.00Tennessee Titans or Tampa Bay Buccaneers25.00Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers
25.00Tennessee Titans or Washington Redskins25.00New York Jets or Carolina Panthers
25.00Oakland Raiders or Carolina Panthers33.00Denver Broncos or New York Giants
33.00Denver Broncos or Tampa Bay Buccaneers33.00New York Jets or New York Giants
33.00Denver Broncos or Washington Redskins33.00New York Jets or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
33.00Oakland Raiders or Tampa Bay Buccaneers33.00Buffalo Bills or Carolina Panthers
33.00Cincinnati Bengals or Carolina Panthers33.00Miami Dolphins or Carolina Panthers
33.00New York Jets or Washington Redskins33.00Tennessee Titans or Arizona Cardinals
33.00Tennessee Titans or Detroit Lions50.00Buffalo Bills or New York Giants
50.00Cincinnati Bengals or New York Giants50.00Miami Dolphins or New York Giants
50.00Oakland Raiders or New York Giants50.00Buffalo Bills or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
50.00Cincinnati Bengals or Tampa Bay Buccaneers50.00Miami Dolphins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers
50.00Buffalo Bills or Washington Redskins50.00Cincinnati Bengals or Washington Redskins
50.00Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals50.00Denver Broncos or Detroit Lions
50.00Miami Dolphins or Washington Redskins50.00Oakland Raiders or Washington Redskins
50.00New York Jets or Arizona Cardinals50.00New York Jets or Detroit Lions
50.00Oakland Raiders or Arizona Cardinals50.00Oakland Raiders or Detroit Lions
65.00Buffalo Bills or Arizona Cardinals65.00Buffalo Bills or Detroit Lions
80.00Cincinnati Bengals or Arizona Cardinals80.00Cincinnati Bengals or Detroit Lions
80.00Miami Dolphins or Arizona Cardinals80.00Miami Dolphins or Detroit Lions
NFL 2019/20 Super Bowl 54 - Winning Division03.02.20 00:30
6.00NFC West6.50NFC South
6.50AFC East7.00AFC West
7.00AFC North7.00AFC South
7.00NFC North8.50NFC East
Long term
NFL 2019/20 Super Bowl 54 - Winner03.02.20 00:30
7.25New England Patriots8.25Kansas City Chiefs
8.75New Orleans Saints8.75Los Angeles Rams
13.50Cleveland Browns14.25Los Angeles Chargers
14.50Chicago Bears15.00Indianapolis Colts
15.50Philadelphia Eagles18.75Green Bay Packers
21.00Pittsburgh Steelers21.00Dallas Cowboys
23.00Minnesota Vikings27.00Seattle Seahawks
31.00Atlanta Falcons30.00San Francisco 49ers
32.00Baltimore Ravens31.00Houston Texans
34.00Jacksonville Jaguars47.00Carolina Panthers
58.00Tennessee Titans58.00Tampa Bay Buccaneers
64.00Denver Broncos62.00Oakland Raiders
66.00New York Giants70.00New York Jets
80.00Detroit Lions84.00Washington Redskins
88.00Arizona Cardinals92.00Buffalo Bills
110.00Cincinnati Bengals130.00Miami Dolphins

USA, NFL Conference Winner

Long term
NFL 2019/20 AFC Conference - Winner20.01.20 02:30
4.10New England Patriots4.70Kansas City Chiefs
8.00Cleveland Browns8.25Los Angeles Chargers
8.75Indianapolis Colts11.75Pittsburgh Steelers
16.75Baltimore Ravens16.25Houston Texans
17.75Jacksonville Jaguars29.00Tennessee Titans
34.00Oakland Raiders34.00Denver Broncos
39.00New York Jets50.00Buffalo Bills
64.00Cincinnati Bengals70.00Miami Dolphins
NFL 2019/20 NFC Conference - Winner20.01.20 02:30
4.75Los Angeles Rams4.90New Orleans Saints
8.00Chicago Bears8.25Philadelphia Eagles
10.25Green Bay Packers11.50Minnesota Vikings
11.50Dallas Cowboys14.00Seattle Seahawks
15.50Atlanta Falcons15.75San Francisco 49ers
25.00Carolina Panthers30.00Tampa Bay Buccaneers
36.00New York Giants41.00Washington Redskins
42.00Detroit Lions45.00Arizona Cardinals

USA, NFL Division Winner

Long term
NFL 2019/20 - AFC Division North - Winner29.12.19 19:00
2.25Cleveland Browns2.85Pittsburgh Steelers
3.60Baltimore Ravens19.50Cincinnati Bengals
NFL 2019/20 - AFC Division East - Winner29.12.19 19:00
1.18New England Patriots7.25New York Jets
11.25Buffalo Bills15.00Miami Dolphins
NFL 2019/20 - AFC Division South - Winner29.12.19 19:00
2.15Indianapolis Colts3.25Houston Texans
4.75Jacksonville Jaguars7.25Tennessee Titans
NFL 2019/20 - AFC Division West - Winner29.12.19 19:00
1.60Kansas City Chiefs2.90Los Angeles Chargers
12.50Denver Broncos13.25Oakland Raiders
NFL 2019/20 - NFC Division North - Winner29.12.19 19:00
2.70Chicago Bears2.90Green Bay Packers
3.05Minnesota Vikings13.00Detroit Lions
NFL 2019/20 - NFC Division East - Winner29.12.19 19:00
1.95Philadelphia Eagles2.35Dallas Cowboys
9.50Washington Redskins12.75New York Giants
NFL 2019/20 - NFC Division South - Winner29.12.19 19:00
1.50New Orleans Saints4.65Atlanta Falcons
6.75Carolina Panthers10.00Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFL 2019/20 - NFC Division West - Winner29.12.19 19:00
1.50Los Angeles Rams3.85Seattle Seahawks
6.25San Francisco 49ers25.00Arizona Cardinals

USA, NFL Awards

Long term
NFL 2019/20 - Awards - AP MVP - Regular season02.02.20 00:00
5.00Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)8.00Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)
9.00Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)9.00Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)
11.00Tom Brady (New England Patriots)15.00Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)
17.00Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)20.00Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles)
22.00Philip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers)25.00Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans)
28.00Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)33.00Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)
33.00Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints)40.00Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)
40.00Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)40.00Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)
40.00Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco 49ers)40.00Saquon Barkley (New York Giants)
50.00Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys)