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29.11.2015 03:46
Michal W.
Combi bet
79372.80 PLN
29.11.2015 19:22
Helmut F.
Combi bet
6096.22 EUR
29.11.2015 14:59
Marc S.
Combi bet
5083.00 CHF
29.11.2015 16:58
Yannick v.
Single bet
3900.00 EUR


  • live on 01.12.2015 02:55
    Take it to the rim!

    Take it to the rim!

    The Warriors are conquering the NBA one win at a time! Will Golden State's winning streak know no end or will the Jazz play a tune to will land them their first loss of the season?

    Utah Jazz3.72
    Golden State Warriors1.26

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  • live on 01.12.2015 02:25
    The good, bad and ugly!

    The good, bad and ugly!

    If winning has a name, these two teams sure haven’t heard of it! Can the Ravens reclaim a bit of their glory days with a win or will the Browns shut em’ down?

    Cleveland Browns1.44
    Baltimore Ravens2.74

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  • live on 01.12.2015 03:55
    Cold as ice!

    Cold as ice!

    So far the Ducks and Canucks haven’t had the season they dreamed. Which team will set the ice ablaze tonight?

    Anaheim Ducks2.22
    Vancouver Canucks2.74

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  • Roommate wanted!

    Roommate wanted!

    Every sports fan’s dream come true! Six devoted football fans will move into an exquisite loft in Berlin – including a walk-in beer fridge, table football, darts, 12 TV screens as well as daily funds for sports betting and challenges in the loft. Do you want to move in?

    Apply today!
  • Virtual Tennis Open

    New: Virtual Tennis Open

    2 tournaments, 32 players, hundreds of winning possibilities!

    Experience the action and drama of exciting tennis tournaments in only 30 minutes.

    Then it's Game, Set and Match!

    Ready for the serve?
  • FIRST Deposit Bonus

    FIRST Deposit Bonus

    Heads up sports fans! is now giving many new customers a first deposit bonus. This way you'll be well prepared for upcoming highlights. Make a deposit and get 50% of it credited as a bonus to your account.

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