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Responsible Gaming

Fair, reliable, responsible's role is to provide entertainment, however it is also aware that gambling is a particularly sensitive service. Therefore the company creates conditions that will help the player enjoy gambling responsibly in moderation. In case of gambling problems, provides intervention measures to protect customers from negative consequences.

Social responsibility begins for with "Responsible Gaming". has positioned itself as a company with a clear and standard profile. Consequently social responsibility is an integral part of all our business strategies to ensure a stable and future oriented environment for our customers and employees.

Values such as
  • fairness
  • reliability
  • responsibility
are our highest priority. In order to ensure the best possible form of protection for our players, carries our extensive product testing at regular intervals.

Education & Awareness

With various measures, we help our players to gamble responsibly. It is important to provide awareness training in order to prevent addictive behaviour and dependency and to recognise early problematic changes in playing behaviour.

We offer:
  • Measures for better self-assessment in the area of gambling addiction. With the help of a self-test, we are able to assist our customers in identifying the risks and dangers, so that they understand these and are therefore safer from them.
  • Concrete offers of assistance to always ensure that players are gambling responsibly.
  • Assistance with finding and making use of the help available.
  • As an active measure we allow our customers who suspect they have a gambling problem to independently limit their accounts or to completely block themselves.
  • Customer service is available for all of our customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week by telephone or by e-mail.
The gaming policy of takes into account the causes of problematic gaming behaviour. These are usually influenced by several factors. The relevant factors include, among other things, personal circumstances, influences from social environment and individual tendencies which may be genetic or psychological in nature. In our opinion, measures which focus on the availability of gambling miss the point of combatting abuse. Bans do not act as a deterrent, but rather make something more attractive. If people want to play, they will always find ways and means to do so.

Cooperation has been cooperating for several years with the Institut Glücksspiel & Abhängigkeit (Institute for Gambling and Addiction). In addition to that, the company's own fraud prevention department observes the playing behaviour of its customers in order to prevent gambling addiction and security breaches.


As a founding member of European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) binds itself to the terms and conditions of the licence issuing authority MGA, and freely to further regulations. This guarantees customers fairness and reliability of online gambling through a comprehensive annual review as well as certification. EGBA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting fair competition for online providers of gambling.

The main criteria includes, in addition to a detailed review of customer data, a 24 hour customer service provision. Furthermore, customers must have the opportunity to set betting limits themselves. EGBA members undertake such measures in order to prevent money laundering through gambling.

ESSA is a member of the European Sports Security Association (ESSA). Their goal is to recognise conspicuous betting patterns early on and therefore avoid match fixing. For this purpose an early warning system has been set up within the member companies, which identifies suspicious betting activities. Close cooperation with different sports authorities guarantees the notification of any suspicious fraudulent activity. This action is essential to prevent match fixing. Once the system indicates possible match fixing and fraudulent betting, it is possible to remove the betting option of the affected games within one hour.

The ESSA has effective partnerships with FIFA, UEFA, EPFL, The FA, DFB, ATP, ITF and WTA. Furthermore there are also close links with the IOC and many other sports regulators. Compliance with the highest safety standards is a top priority for


As a trusted bookmaker that promotes open dialogue, undergoes annual eCOGRA certification. The eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is an independent organisation which thoroughly checks and certifies online gambling providers. In order to receive the seal, given by a multi-member expert team, the company must demonstrate good on-site conduct in regards to player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct.

Deutscher Sportwettenverband is a member of the Deutscher Sportwettenverband (DSWV), in which the leading German and European sports betting providers have joined forces to promote a modern and competition-driven regulation of sports betting in Germany. In order to create a legally secure market for customers and providers, emphasis is placed on player protection, legally binding standards and the safeguarding of fair competition so as to strengthen the integrity of the industry and reinforce confidence.
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