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Poker Promotions

Perfect Pairs

Turn your pocket pairs into additional cash at poker! Complete the exciting missions and spin the wheel of fortune. Instant cash prizes and freeroll tickets await you. The prize pool is bursting at the seams with nearly €50,000 up for grabs!

Up to €1,000 in cash

From April 2nd to 29th, there will be an exciting cash game mission for you to complete every week. Collect spins for the wheel of fortune by completing these missions at the No Limit Texas Hold’em tables (from €0.05/0.10 blinds, Heads-up tables do not apply). Then try your luck and claim an instant win of up to €1,000! There are also tickets for the two daily "€500 Perfect Pairs" freeroll tournaments on offer.

The weekly mission:

Step Mission Reward
1 Receive Pocket Deuces (two Twos) 1 spin and unlock step 2
2 Receive Pocket Threes (two Threes) 1 spin and unlock step 3
3 Receive Pocket Fours (two Fours) 1 spin and unlock step 4
4 Receive Pocket Fives (two Fives) 1 spin and unlock step 5
5 Receive Pocket Sixes (two Sixes) 1 spin and unlock step 6
6 Receive Pocket Sevens (two Sevens) 1 spin and unlock step 7
7 Receive Pocket Eights (two Eights) 1 spin and unlock step 8
8 Receive Pocket Nines (two Nines) 1 spin and unlock step 9
9 Receive Pocket Tens (two Tens) 1 spin and unlock step 10
10 Receive Pocket Jacks (two Jacks) 1 spin and unlock step 11
11 Receive Pocket Queens (two Queens) 1 spin and unlock step 12
12 Receive Pocket Kings (two Kings) 1 spin and unlock step 13
13 Receive Pocket Aces (two Aces) 1 spin

Spinner Wheel prize overview:

Prize Value Number to be won
€1,000 cash €1,000 2
€100 cash €100 10
€10 Poker bonus €10 1,000
€5 Poker bonus €5 1,000
€1 Poker bonus €1 8,000
€500 freeroll 10,000

Participation conditions

  • The organiser of the promotion is
  • The promotional period runs from 02/04/2018 (00:00 GMT) to 29/04/2018 (20:59 GMT). The weekly missions must be completed between 00:00 (GMT) on Monday and 23:59 (GMT) on Sunday. 29/04/2018, when the promotion ends at 20:59 (GMT), is an exception.
  • Maximum number of spins for each completed mission: 13 per week per player.
  • The spins and the "€500 Perfect Pairs" freeroll tickets are not refundable, not transferable and cannot be cashed out.
  • The "€500 Perfect Pairs" freerolls take place starting at the following number of participants: 28.
  • The "€500 Perfect Pairs Flip" freerolls take place starting at the following number of participants: 151.
  • The freerolls are limited to 10,000 participants.
  • The "€500 Perfect Pairs" freeroll tickets expire on 30/04/2018.
  • reserves the right to exclude players with multiple accounts from the promotion.
  • reserves the right to disqualify players if there is reasonable suspicion of collusion or other prohibited strategies.
  • Cancellations and interruptions will be handled according to the standard interruption guidelines.
  • All decisions made by the poker management are final.
  • reserves the right to change the promotion or its conditions at any time.

Date of publication: 26/03/2018
End of the promotion: 29/04/2018
Version: 2.0

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