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Poker Promotions

Wild Twister

Faster than your shadow:’s turbo tournaments give you the chance to play poker like they did in the Wild West. You’re guaranteed a thrilling ride, especially as the prizes are confirmed just before the hand begins. The wheel of fortune decides – and for you, there are loads of Twister tickets!

All-in – Feast or famine!

Take your place at the table and maintain your poker face, because you’re going all-in on your very first hand. Three players will compete for a tasty pot, but only one can win! Get your hands on tickets worth either double or 100 times the value of your €0.50 buy-in!

Number to be won Prize
50x €50
450x €20
1,000x €10
10,000x €5
42,500x €2
196,000x €1

Participation conditions

  • The organizer of the promotion is
  • The Twister tickets are not refundable, not transferable and cannot be cashed out.
  • All winnings will be credited automatically to the winner’s poker account after the tournament has ended.
  • Prizes:
    • Wild Twister Poker is a "winner-take-all" tournament.
    • The prize pool will always be announced at the start of the tournament.
    • The prizes range from the buy-in + fees multiplied by two to the buy-in + fees multiplied by 100.
  • reserves the right to exclude players with multiple accounts from the promotion.
  • reserves the right to exclude players from the promotion.
  • Cancellations and interruptions will be handled according to the standard interruption rules.
  • All decisions made by the poker management are final.
  • reserves the right to change the promotion or its conditions at any time.

Date of publication: 08/05/2017
End of the promotion: Open
Version: 2.0

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