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Poker school


Who is the best player? Poker tournaments answer this question. Unlike cash games all participants have the same amount of chips so no one has the advantage of more chips. The only thing that decides victory or defeat is pure talent!

To take part in a tournament players have to pay an entry fee. This goes directly into the prize pool being played for. The prize pool will be divided according to a set payment structure with the winner of the tournament receiving the most.

Players are seated at random around the table.

Tip: You can change the allocated seat easily by clicking on the chair icon on the right. The table will then be rotated to your preferred position.

The players are given their chips at the start and as soon as a player runs out, they are out of the tournament. The only exceptions are multi-tournaments where rebuys are possible for a certain time.

Every player must place a big blind and a small blind once per round. In certain cases (for example if a player in a dealer or blind position was eliminated in the previous round) a "dead dealer" symbol will be shown. In this case the dealer symbol won't move to the next player but it will stay in this position.

This ensures that no player is missed out for playing blinds. As a consequence of this rule, sometimes no small blind is placed.

Tournament types:

Guaranteed (GTD)

Gameplay in guaranteed tournaments is no different from other tournaments, however guarantees a certain prize pool.In normal tournaments the prize money is determined by the number of participants and the buy-in, but in guaranteed tournaments players know beforehand the minimum amount of money they are playing for.

If there is a "€5,000 guaranteed tournament" with a buy-in of 10 euros then 500 players would have to take part to cover the prize pool. If only 400 players take part then will still guarantee the whole prize; the difference is paid by the organiser.

Sit & Go

Many tournaments start at a fixed time, but "Sit & Go" tournaments are different; if enough people have signed up then the tournament will start straight away. Therefore the amount being played for is set from the beginning.

Tip: There are sit & go tournaments for every poker variant and every budget at

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There are huge jackpots in many of our Sit & Go tournaments. Put your poker skills to the test in several consecutive tournaments and get even more prize money. You can see our current jackpot tournaments under "Promotions".


Freerolls are free tournaments that are ideal for poker newbies. You can test your skills and gain poker know-how with no risk – and there are attractive prizes to win.


Many opponents and a lot of cash! Multi-table tournaments are the ideal challenge for fans of exciting competitions.

The number of tables depends on the number of participants. Tables are always as full as possible and tables with the fewest players are closed. Remaining participants are then randomly assigned to other tables.

You have a certain amount of time in order to sign up for the multi-table tournaments and it's usually possible even after the start of the tournament. Once you have paid the necessary buy-in you are signed up for the tournament.

In hand-for-hand play mode, each player from every table will get their cards at the same time. This is always the case when playing on several tables and there is a bigger jump to the prize money, for example just before the final table.

The tournament will stay in hand-for-hand mode until one or more players is eliminated.

Tip: You can find all the multi-table tournaments in the multi-tournament lobby in the poker software. You can sign up for upcoming tournaments here or check out the other players and watch them work.

You can find all the important information for upcoming events in the tournament overview.
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