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Poker school

Poker tips

Are you a poker newbie? You can find a few helpful tips to get you started in the poker world here. Stick to them and you'll find yourself under poker's spell.
  • Don't play every hand. You have to learn to fold if you have bad cards.
  • Don't bluff straight away; your opponents will know.
  • Pay attention to how many chips your opponents have left. Don't go for a pot when your opponents still have more chips left. They can just outbid you.
  • Don't act rashly. Before you start betting, make sure that you observe your opponent's behavior. However don't leave it too long; you must act within a certain time frame.
  • Make the most of your position at the table. The later you go in a round, the better you can react to what your opponents do. Don't play every hand when you're in one of the earlier positions.

    In this situation you can however react to a bluff. If there have not been many bets in a round then most of the players just stay in to get the blind. You can counter such a bluff by making a raise with a large amount (Squeeze play).
  • Assess your pocket cards realistically. Just because you have a high card, such as an ace, this doesn't automatically mean that you have a good hand. You have to have a good combination with both hidden cards.
  • Take the opportunity in no limit games to go all-in! If you have a really good hand, you should take the risk. Avoid playing all your chips as a bluff too often. Your opponents will see right through you!
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