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Mini Live Roulette
Poker school

Speed Poker

Speed poker minimises the waiting time between hands and provides the ultimate adrenaline rush at the poker table! Game play follows the normal rules and speed poker is available for:
  • Cash Hold'em
  • Tournaments

Playing Speed Poker

When a round begins, your table is completed with other players and you get your first cards. A "Speed Fold" button will also appear. Use this to quickly fold hands you don't like. You will then immediately be taken to another table where you will receive a new hand. Fun-filled poker action without the boring waiting time is guaranteed!

Speed Poker Cash Games

Looking to win money quickly? Then our speed poker cash game tables are for you! Whether you're placing big or small stakes – there's always something going on!

It's as easy as this:
  1. Choose the tab "Speed" in "Poker".
  2. Depending on the variant of the game, filter by stake limit or buy-in limit.
  3. Choose your preferred cash game.
  4. Click on "Join Game"!
Tip: You can play up to 10 entries at once!

Speed Poker Tournaments

Want to take part in a prestigious tournament, but don't have much time? You can still play in one of our many speed poker events. Thanks to the innovative speed fold function you can get to the final tables in a flash. There's no boring waiting around and you only play the hands that you really want to play.

Only the final table is played as usual, in slow standard mode.

It's as easy as this:
  1. Choose the tab "Tournament" in "Poker".
  2. Choose the format "Speed" in the filter.
  3. Choose your preferred tournament.
  4. Click on "Register".

Date of publication: 2014-05-19 07:03:27 CET
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