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Poker school

Fascination Poker

More and more people worldwide are falling under the spell of poker. Numerous spectators flock to the big casino tournaments and the stars of the poker scene are more popular than ever. What is this big fascination with poker?

Knowledge, skill, luck and of course the huge prize pools – this mix is what makes poker so popular. This is also why more and more people are playing at virtual poker tables. So does a layman have a chance playing against all the pros?

Of course, and we'll prove it to you! Just download the modern software from poker. That way you can dive straight in to the fascinating world of poker and start your own career!

Our offer to you includes:

  • A comprehensive poker school
  • cash game and tournament tables for every budget
  • top events every week with gigantic prize pools
  • Satellites for live events with huge prizes
  • and much more!
Just choose a type of game and take your place at one of our numerous tables. Regardless of whether you're a layman or a pro, at the poker table anyone can win!

The basics

In poker there are different game variants, but the basics are the same:
  • Every player receives cards (a "hand").
  • In the betting rounds each player bids for their hand.
  • With each bid, the player adds to the pot. This can be either real money or play money.
  • The player who is still in the game after the last betting round has won. If there are several players, then the player with the best hand wins.
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