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Buy-ins and Table Stakes

To take part in a poker tournament a player must normally pay an entry fee. This is known as a buy-in.

You can find information about the buy-in for each tournament in our poker software. If the buy-in for a tournament is "€20 + €2" then the player must pay 22 euros to be able to take part. The higher sum (€20) is added directly to the pot after registration and is then paid out to the best player at the end of the tournament. The lower sum (€2) is kept by as a participation fee.

Unlike in tournaments, the upper and lower limits of the buy-ins for cash games are calculated according to the stakes, and depending on the variants fixed limit, no limit and pot limit.

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Fixed Limit

The minimum buy-in for fixed limit games is normally 10 times the big blind. The maximum buy-in for most tables is 5,000 euros. When the stakes are higher the maximum buy-in also increases.


If a player registers for a €0.10/0.20 game with a fixed limit, the lowest buy-in is 2 euros (0.20 X 10).

No Limit/Pot Limit

As there are huge advantages particularly in No Limit variants for a player with a larger amount of chips, in no limit and pot limit games there are lower and upper limits for buy-ins.

Normally the minimum buy-in is 40 times the big blind and the maximum is limited to 100 times the big blind. Exceptions in no limit games are "Shallow Tables" where the minimum buy-in is 20 times the big blind and the maximum buy-in is 50 times the big blind, as well as anonymous tables where the minimum buy-in is only 30 times the big blind.


If the €0.10/0.20 game is a No Limit or Pot Limit variant, the lowest buy-in is 8 euros (0.20 X 40) in order for the player to take part. The maximum sum is 20 euros (0.20 X 100).

Table stakes

The following guidelines relating to table stakes are in place at poker to ensure that the flow of a game is not interrupted:
  • At cash game tables, a player can only buy more chips between rounds. Players can only increase their stack during a round if there are currently not taking part. This rule does not apply in Rebuy-Tournament formats; in this case you can buy more chips during the rounds.
  • In the interests of fairness, a player may not remove chips from their stack during the game. This means that if a player is in the lead, they may not "secure" their chips. All chips have to stay on the table until the end of the game.
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