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Aim of the game

In Hearthstone, two heroes, each of whom has 30 health, play against each other. Both heroes attempt to reduce their opponent’s health to zero first. To help them achieve this, they use a deck of 30 cards (which they put together themselves) with different minions, spells, and hero abilities.


Hearthstone is a free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and is based on the computer game series Warcraft. Players choose a hero, who has a special power and can use specific cards. These powers and cards vary depending on the class of the hero. Every round, the players try to reduce the amount of health their opponent has by playing different cards. Each player builds an individual deck of 30 neutral and class-specific cards. The selection of cards is decisive for the strategy of a player. Some cards are only available for certain hero classes.

A coin toss takes place at the start of a match to determine who is first up. Both players begin with a mana crystal and 30 health. The players are then shown cards from their own deck. The hero who plays first is shown three cards, and the hero going second is shown four cards as well as a special spell card called "The Coin". This card can be used to grant the player one extra mana crystal for the round it is played in. The cards the players receive in their starting hand can be exchanged before the first round for other randomly selected cards from their deck.

Before every round, each player draws a card from their deck. If a player has run out of cards to draw, they will receive damage every time they have to try to draw a card. Depleted mana crystals are refilled before the round begins and the supply of mana crystals increases by one. Mana crystals are necessary for players to be able to play cards. However, their number depends on the particular cards a player has. Both players can have a maximum of 10 cards in their hand, as well as a maximum supply of 10 mana crystals. Provided that a player has the necessary number of non-depleted mana crystals, they can play any card they like on their turn. Each turn lasts a maximum of 75 seconds. A player is deemed to be the winner once they have reduced the health of their opponent to zero, or their opponent concedes the game. The match ends in a draw if both heroes die at the same time or if the winner cannot be determined after 90 rounds.

Types of cards:

  • Minions: Minions remain on the battlefield and can attack an enemy minion or the opposing hero from the round after they have been played. In addition to the number of mana crystals required, they can also be recognised by their attack and health attributes. The attack attribute shows how much damage a minion can do to an enemy, while heath shows how much damage must be done to the minion for it to die. Furthermore, minions suffer damage when they carry out attacks. The amount of damage suffered corresponds to the attack power stated on the opponent’s card. Some minions also have special abilities, which can have a significant impact on how the game progresses. Each player can have a maximum of seven of these cards on the battlefield.
  • Weapons: With the exception of Druids, Priests, and Mages, all hero classes can use weapon cards. These cards allow a hero to attack an enemy directly. Each hero can only equip one weapon at a time. The card gives information about how much damage the weapon does as well as how often the weapon can be used ('durability'). Using one of these cards to attack a minion causes damage to the hero.
  • Spells: Spell cards trigger a special effect, described in the card’s text, immediately after being played. 'Secret' spell cards are a special form of spell card. The effect of these cards is hidden from a player’s opponent and is activated by a card-specific event.
Teams: 1v1
Cards: 800+
Genre: CCG
Game time: 5 – 25 minutes
Types of cards: Minion, Weapons, Spells
Hero classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior


How it’s played

Unlike other games, Hearthstone events do not have a standard match format or a dominant tournament mode. However, games are normally played as a best-of-five series. Occasionally, the final takes the form of a best-of-seven encounter.

Conquest is usually the game mode of choice for official tournaments. The players have three different decks, which they put together before the tournament begins, available to them. If the matches include a ban phase, players must prepare four decks. One of these decks will then be banned by their opponent before the duel begins. The winner of the first game has to choose a different deck for the next game in the series. However, the loser can choose whether or not to change their deck. The winning deck cannot be used for the rest of the series. The first player to win with each of their three selected decks is deemed the winner of the series and therefore the match as a whole.


The number of participants usually has an impact on the tournament mode. Four different modes dominate the competitive scene: Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Swiss, and Groups.

  • Single Elimination: This mode is particularly popular when a large number of players are competing as it ensures that the tournament progresses quickly. Knockout matches are played, meaning that a defeat eliminates a player from the tournament.
  • Double Elimination: The Double Elimination tournament mode also sees players compete in knockout matches. First-round losers are drawn against each other in the 'loser’s bracket', meaning they get a second chance. Players are eliminated from the tournament once they lose a match in the loser’s bracket.
  • Swiss: The Swiss format sees players drawn against each other based on their win-loss records. Players who win in the first round will play against other first-round winners in the second round, while first-round losers will meet other first-round losers. In the third round, players with a 2-0 record will face opponents who also have a 2-0 record, while players with a 1-1 record will be against other players with a 1-1 record and players who have suffered two defeats will be against other players without a victory thus far in the tournament. After the third round, there is usually a cut to the top players, who then compete against each other in knockout matches.
  • Groups: Players are drawn into groups of four. The top two qualify for the knockout stage. Players will either face each other in a round-robin system or a variation of the Swiss mode within the group.

Types of bets


Here, you are betting on the winner of the match. Most encounters are played as a best-of-five series. Occasionally, the final takes the form of a best-of-seven encounter.

Betting tips for pros

The deck

Strategy and skill are the difference between victory and defeat in Hearthstone. As a player must win with each of their decks in Conquest to emerge victorious from the match, the compilation of the individual decks is very important. The cards a player selects can give them an advantage over their opponent and researching the decks which players have used in the past and the results achieved with these decks will give you an idea as to how they will get on in their upcoming match. Head-to-head statistics are also useful for determining who should enter the encounter as favourite. Every player has their own style of play, which suits certain games and opponents better than others.


Before the first round, players have a one-time opportunity to redraw as many of the cards in their randomly selected starting hand as they would like. Referred to as the "mulligan", this process plays an important tactical role in the match. Each player is trying to get the best cards possible from their deck. When calculating which cards are the best ones to have in their hand, players must consider their opponent and opponent’s style of play. If a card is exchanged during this phase, it will not be added back into the pool as a possible replacement for this duel. Playing the mulligan well therefore increases a player’s chances of winning a Hearthstone match.

Put your faith in the light!


Board Control

Board control enables a player to dictate events. It is, therefore, often decisive. Board control means that a player takes enemy minions out of the game quickly, while placing their own minions on the battlefield and protecting them. This, in turn, makes it more difficult for their opponent to attack, while the player who is exerting board control can utilise their minions’ abilities and carry out attacks. Their opponent is then forced to play defensively and is unable to make the most of their cards.

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