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Heroes of the Storm

Aim of the game

To win a Heroes of the Storm game, a team must destroy the enemy core, which is the main building in the enemy base. Each team is made up of five heroes. Heroes have different abilities, which are decisive for the development of the match. Many maps have specific objectives and the process of destroying the enemy core can be accelerated by completing these objectives. All battlegrounds have a different setup and therefore demand different styles of play.


Heroes of the Storm is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in which two teams, each made up of five heroes, do battle against each other. In order to successfully destroy the enemy base, teams must raze towers, complete objectives, and kill minions. These objectives vary depending on the map and have a big impact on the outcome of the game in different ways.

Players choose one of over 60 heroes to control. Each hero takes on a certain role in the game and is characterized by different abilities. These abilities can be improved during the game when the team level increases, which occurs when players have collected enough experience as a team.

Heroes of the Storm
Heroes: 60+
Teams: 5v5
Genre: MOBA
Game time: 10 – 60 minutes
Battlegrounds: 10+
Map-specific objectives:

Every battleground sets the teams different objectives. Completing these objectives helps the teams to weaken and destroy the enemy base. Objectives include collecting items, holding positions or healing fountains, and activating shrines.


Skills and abilities can only be leveled up as a team and all heroes have to collect experience points together.

Mercenary camps:

When a team captures a mercenary camp, the mercenaries will fight for that team against the enemy.


How it’s played

Depending on the tournament mode, a pool of maps is determined in advance and/or the battlegrounds are decided during a pick & ban phase. After this, heroes are picked and banned on an alternating basis. The teams select their five heroes and are also able to ban two other heroes during the ban phase. The banned heroes cannot be chosen by either side. Once a round has ended, the losing team decides whether they would like to begin the next round with a pick & ban phase for the maps or the heroes.

Both teams begin near their own core. The battleground is mirrored and the opposing bases are connected by two or three lanes, depending on the map. This means that there can be top, middle, and bottom lanes. The bases and lanes are defended by different structures, such as towers, walls, and gates. The objectives teams can fulfil vary depending on the map and include collecting items, activating shrines, killing neutral characters, supporting NPCs, and holding positions.

Heroes of the Storm

In Heroes of the Storm, characters from Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch universes do battle. All five heroes on each team take on a certain role in the game. These roles are divided as follows:

  • Assassin: Assassin heroes do big damage. However, most of them don’t have much health. They are usually tasked with eliminating enemies and are well-suited to carrying out quick surprise attacks.
  • Warrior: Almost all warriors can heal themselves and suffer reduced damage while not having a particularly high damage output themselves. In battles, they are the vanguard of the team, working to root, stun or slow enemies and to protect allies.
  • Support: These heroes, who have powerful healing and strengthening abilities, are vital in fights as they provide their team with buffs, heals, and shields. They can also hamper enemy heroes by rooting them to the spot.
  • Specialist: These heroes have different and very unique abilities, which vary from the abilities of other heroes. They therefore do not fit into any of the other roles. Their abilities often lend themselves to putting massive pressure onto enemy lanes.

Each team is also assisted by computer-controlled minions.

A round can end in 10-15 minutes if one team dominates proceedings and takes several objectives. A best-of-five (first team to win three maps) series is usually used to determine the winner of a match during the knockout phase of an eSports tournament.

Types of bets


Here, you are betting on the winner of the match. Some duels are best-of-two, meaning that a draw is also possible.

Place bet 1-3

This place bet gives you the chance to bet on whether a team will finish in the top three places of a tournament.


This gives one team a head start, which is added on to the actual final result. Let’s say, for example, that Team Liquid are given a head start of one map (handicap 0:1) in their match against OG. If OG were to win the game, the result would be 1:1.


Like a handicap bet, one team receives a head start. However, the difference is that spread bets are offered using half values (e.g. -1.5/+1.5), meaning that they are offered as two-way bets.

Result bet

You can use the result bet market to bet on the exact result. The number of maps played varies depending on the tournament and how it progresses. Up to five maps are played.

Number of maps played (Under/Over)

Here, you are not betting on the outcome of the match, but on how many maps are played. This market is not available for best-of-one or best-of-two encounters.

Which team will get the first kill?

This market allows you to bet on which of the two teams will kill an opponent first on a certain map. Only kills made by one of the five players on either team count for this bet.

Betting tips for pros

Who’s in the lead?

In a Heroes of the Storm game, the team level and, depending on the map, the health of the base give clues as to which team is in the lead. These indicators show which team is dominating on the objectives front, in turn showing who is attacking or defending more effectively. Many battlegrounds also show how many items heroes have already collected, if this information is relevant for the objective. Teams can use this to gain an advantage. However, a team can throw away their advantage very quickly by making a serious mistake.

Hero selection

Hero abilities are better suited to the objectives of some maps than others. It is also important that teams coordinate the roles of their heroes. Analysing the composition of a team can help you to determine which side has an advantage in team fights. Researching heroes and their abilities will also help you to decide which team has selected better heroes for that map.

Hold on. Darkness just texted me.


Respawn time

In Heroes of the Storm, it is usually only possible to conquer the enemy base as a team. In the course of the game, there are regular team fights. Often, the result of these team fights is that one or several heroes are slain. The fewer heroes a team has alive, the more difficult it is for them to fight the enemy and to complete objectives. Furthermore, the respawn time of heroes increases as the game progresses and the team level increases. If the core has low health and important heroes have died, defeat is often inevitable. If a game goes on for a long time, the respawn time goes to 60+ seconds. This can be decisive if all heroes on one team die.

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