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StarCraft II

Aim of the game

A player wins a game of StarCraft II by destroying their opponent’s base and army. Players usually face each other in one-versus-one matches. Each player controls one of the available races: Protoss, Terran, or Zerg. The buildings, units, and abilities these races provide players with differ greatly.


StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game in which the enemy base and all enemy units must be destroyed using tactics and direct attacks. Both players choose a race before the game begins. The races differ as follows:

  • Protoss: The Nexus is the main building of the Protoss. Other buildings must be constructed near a pylon, the Protoss supply building. Workers build pylons beforehand in strategically chosen locations. This race’s units and buildings have a shield, which recharges after absorbing damage from enemy attacks.
  • Terran: The command center is the main building of a Terran base. Damaged buildings and units can be repaired and healed respectively, while their most important structures can fly and therefore change their location.
  • Zerg: The hatchery is at the heart of a Zerg colony. This is the only base of any race to generate larva, which is used to create various units, as well as workers. Other buildings can only be constructed on the creep, a viscous, slimy substance produced by the hatchery and creep tumors. All Zerg units heal themselves automatically when on infested ground. This is ground which is covered with the creep produced by the hatchery.

Each race begins with a main building and a certain number of workers near a mineral field. These resources are limited. Players begin to extract minerals immediately as they require the minerals to expand their base. As the game progresses, players exploit more mineral fields and construct additional bases. It is important that players have a clear strategy in mind for their buildings and units from the beginning of the game, as creating an army made up of diverse units helps players to fend off attacks later in the match. When creating units, players need to consider the following points:

  • Costs: Every type of unit is unique and requires a different amount of resources to be created. There are combat units, which can only be created by certain buildings, meaning that the player has to construct that building first. As a basic rule, the more complex the unit, the greater the requirements (buildings, resources etc.) to create the unit.
  • Attributes: Every type of unit has a different number of hit points and amount of armour and does a different amount of damage. They also have different types of armour and varying attack ranges. Some units also have shields, which provide a supplementary source of hit points. This shield must be destroyed before the hit points of these units begin to decrease. A unit’s attacking and defensive abilities can be improved by researching upgrades, which improve the abilities of all units. Individual units can also be improved by researching specific abilities. Furthermore, some units can cause increased damage to specific types of armour. It is therefore important that a player picks up on their opponent’s strategy as quickly as possible, so that they can build an army which counters enemy units.
  • Additional abilities: Some types of units have different additional abilities, which enable them to cause more damage to certain enemies. In addition, using these additional abilities often enables a player to make use of certain tactics. However, units require enough energy to utilize these abilities. The energy supply regenerates by itself.

While workers continue to extract minerals and construct buildings, other units created early in the game are used to discover the location of the enemy. "Scouting" enables players to discover their opponent’s tactical approach early in the game. Players are unable to see unexplored areas of the map until they send a unit to that area. As a unit roams across the map, it shows the player mineral fields and buildings located in that area. Once the unit leaves that area, that part of the map will become darker. This is known as the fog of war and means that players are unable to see up-to-date information about that area of the map. For example, buildings will be shown at their last known location and in their last known state, but a player will not know if that building has been destroyed until one of their units re-enters that area and thereby lifts the fog of war. The only exceptions are cloaked combat units, which can only be made visible using certain types of units available to the races.

Small skirmishes are a regular occurrence once players have created their first combat units. Players will also be looking to continually expand their own base and create new units to reinforce those already in battle. Players can put their opponent under pressure at the start of the game by carrying out early attacks if their opponent has not made much progress in building their base. Killing enemy workers makes it significantly more difficult for an opponent to construct buildings and create units. A player wins a game by destroying all enemy buildings.

StarCraft II
Races: 3
Teams: 1v1
Genre: Real-time strategy game
Game time: 15 – 45 minutes
Races: Protoss, Terran, Zerg

In StarCraft II, players need buildings to create units and research upgrades. Workers of the race chosen by the player construct buildings. If a player wishes to create a certain unit, they must first construct the necessary building.


Resources are required to create units. Different types of units have different abilities. Having a large and varied army is the key to victory.

  • Minerals: These are extracted from mines and are required for all buildings and units
  • Vespene gas: This is required for complex buildings and units


How it’s played

In an eSports tournament, players usually compete in one-versus-one matches. However, depending on the tournament, teams made up of up to four players can face each other. In such matches, each player on one team plays against another on the enemy team. StarCraft II does not have a dominant tournament mode and the organisers of a tournament usually decide upon the format themselves, using the number of players to help them make a decision.

StarCraft II

The StarCraft II World Championship Series, the game’s largest eSports tournament, sees the world’s best players face off. There are national and continental championships beforehand to decide who gets to take part. There are both best-of-five and knockout matches at the World Championship Series.

Types of bets


Here, you are betting on the winner of the match. Some duels are best-of-two, meaning that a draw is also possible.

Place bet 1-3

This place bet gives you the chance to bet on whether a team will finish in the top three places of a tournament.


This gives one team a head start, which is added on to the actual final result. Let’s say, for example, that Team Liquid are given a head start of one map (handicap 0:1) in their match against OG. If OG were to win the game, the result would be 1:1.


Like a handicap bet, one team receives a head start. However, the difference is that spread bets are offered using half values (e.g. -1.5/+1.5), meaning that they are offered as two-way bets.

Who will win the (x) map?

A best-of-five series is usually used to determine the winner during the knockout phase of a tournament. This bet gives you the chance to predict the winner of a certain map.

Result bet

You can use the result bet market to bet on the exact result. The number of maps played varies depending on the tournament and how it progresses. Up to five maps are played.

Number of maps played (Under/Over)

Here, you are not betting on the outcome of the match, but on how many maps are played. This market is not available for best-of-one or best-of-two encounters.

Betting tips for pros

Who’s in the lead?

There are some clues to help you determine who’s in the lead at any given point during a StarCraft II game:

  1. If a player is able to attack their opponent early on and keep them under pressure, their opponent is forced to try to fend off the attacks. This, in turn, slows the creation of new enemy units and makes it more difficult for their opponent to draw on reinforcements. Furthermore, the attacking player can call upon more combat units quickly if they can keep their buildings and base intact. This often leads to the attacking player being able to end the game rapidly.
  2. If a player kills a large number of enemy workers or destroys the main building in the enemy base, their opponent is unable to collect as many resources. This makes it more difficult for them to construct new buildings and create new units to defend their base.
  3. Destroying the main army of the enemy gives a player a decisive advantage, as it enables them to attack the enemy base more easily. Destroying their opponent’s buildings and killing their workers puts their opponent at even more of a disadvantage. If the attacking player continues to create units while this is going on and sends them to strengthen their army, they can claim victory very quickly.

Unit advantages

All types of units have different strengths and are therefore suited to different strategies. Figuring out an opponent’s strategy as quickly as possible enables a player to build counter units and react effectively to possible attacks. Having superior units (by researching abilities, for example) often gives a player an advantage as the game progresses.

Economic superiority

If a player can build another base and use this to collect resources more quickly without their opponent noticing, they can quickly gain an advantage. The map also often contains rich mineral fields, also known as gold minerals due to their colour, which contain more minerals than the regular mineral fields. Exploiting the rich mineral fields, therefore, enables a player to build more units. They can then use this numerical advantage to overwhelm their opponent. Furthermore, a player can use their economic advantage to replace units who die in battle quickly.

Kaboom, baby!



The different races open up a range of tactics to players, which can weaken opponents very effectively. Gathering resources is the focus of the early game, as minerals and vespene gas are vital for gaining victory. The chosen game strategy has an impact on the time at which a player builds their first refinery, which is used to speed up the process of mining vespene gas. Particularly popular tactics include:

  • Wall-in: Predominantly used by the Terrans, this tactic sees players construct walls to bolster their defences and protect against early enemy attacks. Using buildings such as barracks, bunkers, and supply depots, players block off pathways to their base and build defensive structures behind these improvised walls. They can then attack enemies from a protected position.
  • Rush: This tactic aims to surprise the enemy by attacking with a large number of units early in the game and overrunning them. If a player chooses this tactic, they will focus on producing units at the start of the game instead of devoting their attention to their economy. Tower rush is a popular form of the rush tactic and is often used by the Protoss, who can place their pylons in enemy territory. The Zerg rush is hugely popular with Zerg players as zerglings can be produced cheaply and have high movement speed. The reaper rush is an option available to players of the Terrans. This tactic sees players use a few reapers to damage the economy of their opponent early in the game. However, this tactic can put the player at a massive disadvantage later in the game if the rush fails.
  • Drop: Players can use flying transport units to drop combat units directly into the enemy base and subsequently destroy it.
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