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League of Legends

Aim of the game

In League of Legends, the objective is to destroy the enemy nexus. Each team has a nexus in their base. "Summoner’s Rift" is usually the battleground of choice for eSports tournaments.


League of Legends is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in which two teams, each made up of five champions, do battle against each other. The aim is to destroy the enemy nexus. Each team is assisted by computer-controlled units, or "minions". To get to the enemy nexus, teams must destroy turrets and inhibitors and kill enemy minions.

Players choose one of over 100 champions to control. Each champion takes on a certain role in the game and is characterised by four different abilities, which can be combined with each other. During the game, these abilities can be upgraded by gaining experience and by killing and destroying different objectives. Once a champion has gained enough experience, their level increases. In turn, the player can choose to activate a new ability or upgrade an existing one. Furthermore, killing enemy units provides champions with gold, which can be used to purchase a wide range of items. Players are therefore able to adjust the roles of their champions individually.

League of Legends
Champions: 100+
Teams: 5v5
Genre: MOBA
Game time: 20 – 60 minutes
Main Objectives:
  • Nexus: 1 per team
  • Inhibitors: 3 per team
  • Turrets: 11 per team
Side Objectives:
Improve the abilities and power of champions
  • Baron Nashor
  • Rift Herald
  • Dragons
  • Elder Dragon


How it’s played

"Summoner’s Rift" is far and away the most popular game mode for tournaments. Each team starts near their own nexus on a diagonal map. There are three lanes (bottom, middle, and top) which lead to the enemy base. The jungle and the river can be found between the lanes. Each lane is defended by three turrets and an inhibitor, while the nexus is guarded by two turrets. Each of the five players on a team takes on a certain role: top laner, mid laner, ADC, support, or jungler. The ADC and support start in the bottom lane, while the junglers farm and fight in the jungle. Each team is assisted by computer-controlled minions as they seek to destroy the enemy nexus. A best-of-five series (first team to win three games) is usually used to determine the winner during the knockout phase of a tournament.

League of Legends

The pick & ban phase is the starting point for a typical tournament match between two teams. This gives the players on each team the chance to select their champions. Before they can do this, however, six champions are banned, meaning that players will not be able to pick them for the game. Once six champions have been banned, three players on each team select their champions. Four more champions are then banned. The final four players are unable to select these champions when they subsequently make their picks. The game then begins.

At the beginning of the game, known as the "laning phase", champions head to their lanes. By killing enemy minions, they gain experience and gold, which they then use to enhance their powers and purchase items. The dragon pit is also very important at the start of the game as teams try to exploit any opportunity to slay a dragon.

During the "mid game", when some turrets have already been destroyed, players leave their normal lanes and begin roaming, sticking together and taking objectives as a group. At this time, players are trying to destroy as many turrets and slay as many dragons as possible.

Once attention has turned to Baron Nashor, we can say we have reached the "late game". By now, teams are acting as a unit, with all five champions grouped together. Losing one member of the team can be decisive at this point in the game due to the fact that their respawn time increases as the game progresses.

Types of bets


Here, you are betting on the winner of the match. All encounters are held as "best-of" games. When teams play a best-of-two match, a draw is also possible.

Place bet 1-3

This place bet gives you the chance to bet on whether a team will finish in the top three places of a tournament.


This gives one team a head start, which is added on to the actual final result. Let’s say, for example, that Team Liquid are given a head start of one map (handicap 0:1) in their match against OG. If OG were to win the game, the result would be 1:1.


Like a handicap bet, one team receives a head start. However, the difference is that spread bets are offered using half values (e.g. -1.5/+1.5), meaning that they are only offered as two-way bets.

Who will win the (x) map?

A best-of-five series is usually used to determine the winner during the knockout phase of a tournament. This bet gives you the chance to predict the winner of a certain map.

Result bet

You can use the result bet market to bet on the exact result. The number of maps played varies depending on the tournament and how it progresses. Up to five maps are played.

Number of maps played (Under/Over)

Here, you are not betting on the outcome of the match, but on how many maps are played. This market is not available for best-of-one or best-of-two encounters.

Which team will get the first kill?

This market allows you to bet on which of the two teams will kill an opponent first on a certain map. Only kills made by a player (rather than a monster/NPC) count for this bet.

Which team will destroy the first turret?

Here, you are betting on which team will be the first to destroy one of the 11 turrets in the game or on a certain map.

Which team will slay the first dragon?

Use this market if you want to bet on which team will be the first to slay one of the dragons in the game or on a certain map.

Which team will slay Baron Nashor first?

This market lets you bet on which team will be the first to slay the powerful Baron Nashor in the game or on a certain map.

Which team will destroy the first inhibitor?

Here, you are betting on which team will be the first to destroy one of the three enemy inhibitors in the game or on a certain map.

Betting tips for pros

Who’s in the lead?

There are some clues to help you determine who’s in the lead at any given point during the game. One such example is the number of minions killed by each player during the laning phase – the higher the better! As the game progresses, the total gold collected and number of turrets destroyed by each team helps to show which side is on top. A gold advantage can, in turn, be decisive as it allows players to purchase more powerful items. However, it is also important to note how gold and experience is shared within a team. If one team’s champions are near the enemy nexus, this is usually a sign that the game is about to finish.


Junglers are usually responsible for "ganks", which are surprise attacks on enemy champions. Should these attacks be successful, they can provide one team with a considerable gold advantage early in the game.

Destroying an inhibitor

Teams can use different strategies to help them reach the enemy nexus. One such strategy concentrates on destroying enemy inhibitors as quickly as possible. Once an inhibitor has been destroyed, the team which destroyed the inhibitor will be assisted by a super minion (a more powerful version of a regular minion) in that lane. Super minions are able to destroy enemy turrets on their own, provided that there are no enemy champions protecting the turret. If a team destroys all three enemy inhibitors, two super minions will spawn in each lane. This added power allows champions to leave their normal positions and focus on other objectives. The more super minions a team has, the greater their chances of winning.

The darker the night, the brighter the stars


Baron Nashor

By slaying the powerful Baron Nashor, champions receive additional powers – known as a "buff" – for a certain period of time. Nearby allied minions also benefit from the buff. Teams can then use this buff to help them destroy enemy inhibitors or the nexus, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

Slain champions

In League of Legends, it is usually only possible to conquer the enemy base as a team. In the course of the game, there are regular team fights. Often, the result of these team fights is that one or several champions are slain. As the game progresses, their respawn time increases. This can be decisive.

Elder Dragon

Slaying the Elder Dragon provides a team with enormous additional powers. There is often a team fight in the dragon pit to determine which team slays the Elder Dragon. The further behind a team is, the more experience all players on that team receive for slaying the Elder Dragon. However, the chances of doing so depend on how the game is going. It is therefore important to wait for the opportune moment.

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