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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Aim of the game

In Counter-Strike, two teams attempt to complete specified tasks within a certain amount of time. Eliminating the opposition will also result in victory. "Bomb Defusal" is the scenario of choice for eSports tournaments.


Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) in which two teams, each made up of five players, do battle. The Terrorists (T) have to plant a bomb in one of two specified places within two minutes and subsequently cause an explosion. The job of the Counter-Terrorists (CT) is to prevent this. If the Terrorists are unable to place the explosive device (C4) before the allotted time expires, the Counter-Terrorists win the round. The Counter-Terrorists also win the round if they are able to eliminate all enemy players before the bomb can be planted. Up to 30 rounds are played. Teams swap sides halfway through. The first team to win 16 rounds wins the map. In eSports tournaments, best-of-one, best-of-three, or best-of-five matches are used to determine the winner.

Teams can buy weapons and equipment at the start of each round. Their budgets are determined by the outcome of the previous rounds. Each player begins with 100 health. This is reduced when players are hit by enemies, as well as by explosions, falls, and other events. Players are eliminated from a round when their health reaches zero. The amount of damage caused is affected by the type of weapon used and the part of the body hit (hitbox).

Maps: 7
Teams: 5v5
Genre: First-Person-Tactical-Shooter
Groups: Terrorists & Counter-Terrorists
Roles: Caller, AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, Support, Lurker
Types of weapons: Pistols, heavy weapons, MPs, rifles, grenades, assorted equipment
Game time: ca. 45 minutes


How it’s played

"Bomb Defusal" is the scenario used for tournaments. Although the game usually offers a large number of maps for players to enjoy, only seven are available for tournaments. Depending on the tournament mode, the maps which the teams will use for the battles are selected during a pick & ban phase before the game begins.

Before the first round, the "pistol round", both teams are given a budget of $800. They can use this money to buy various weapons and equipment. The players then continue to receive money before every round begins. They receive more or less money depending on the outcome of the previous round. Events, such as kills (depending on the type of weapon used) and the successful planting or defusing of a bomb, also have an impact on the amount of money received by players. This means that the winners have an advantage over their opponents. Teams can also decide to save their money by not buying any items. However, the maximum amount a player can have is $16,000.

Every team has a "Caller", who takes on responsibility for strategies, makes decisions concerning tactics, and maintains an overview of the progress of the game. The allocation of the other roles is vague and may intermingle, depending on a team’s strategy. Players can also take on different roles during the battle, which are basically divided as follows:

  • AWPer: The AWPer is the team’s sniper and kills opponents with precise shots from a safe location.
  • Entry Fragger: The first player to enter the fray. The Entry Fragger tries to get the first kill.
  • Support: Provides their teammates with cover and information.
  • Lurker: Acts apart from the rest of their team. The Lurker tries to confuse enemies and to catch them by surprise in unexpected places.

With regards to weapons, there are also different categories. Sniper rifles and assault rifles are commonly viewed as the primary weapons. The AWP plays a key role when it comes to these weapons. One hit is usually enough to kill an enemy. A range of pistols are available as secondary weapons. Different grenades, as well as items such as Kevlar vests, helmets, and defuse kits are all forms of tactical equipment. Each player is provided with a knife for close-quarters combat. Furthermore, all players are allowed to carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and four grenades.

Types of bets


Here, you are betting on the winner of the match. In most Counter-Strike competitions, matches are played in a "best-of" format. The first team to win a majority of the points on offer wins the match. Some duels are best-of-two, meaning that a draw is also possible.

Overall Winner

This market allows you to bet on the winning team of a tournament as a whole.

Place bet 1-3

This place bet gives you the chance to bet on whether a team will finish in the top three places of a tournament.


This gives one team a head start, which is added on to the actual final result. Let’s say, for example, that Team Liquid are given a head start of one map (handicap 0:1) in their match against Gambit. If Gambit were to win a best-of-three match 2:1, the result (using this handicap bet) would be 2:2.


Like a handicap bet, one team receives a head start. However, the difference is that spread bets are offered using half values (e.g. -1.5/+1.5), meaning that they are only offered as two-way bets. You can bet on the winner, the number of rounds won on a certain map, or the number of maps won by a team.

Who will win the (x) pistol round?

Players can buy weapons and equipment at the beginning of each round. As the players only have $800 at the start of the game, as well as after the teams have changed sides, they can only buy pistols. These rounds are therefore referred to as "pistol rounds". You can take advantage of this market to bet on which team will win these rounds.

Which team will win the (x) round?

Up to 30 rounds are played in a competitive Counter-Strike match. This market allows you to bet on which team will win a certain round on a certain map.

Who will win the (x) map?

A "best-of" series is usually used to determine the winner of tournament matches. This bet gives you the chance to predict the winner of a certain map.

Result bet

You can use the result bet market to bet on the exact result of the duel. The number of maps played varies depending on the tournament and how it progresses. Up to five maps are played.

Number of rounds played

Here, you are betting on how many rounds will be played on a certain map. A maximum of 30 rounds can be played.

Number of maps played

Here, you are betting on how many maps will be played in a duel between two teams. Up to five maps can be played, depending on the game mode.

Which team will get the first kill?

This market allows you to bet on which of the two teams will kill an opponent first on a certain map or in a certain round.

Will there be overtime?

As up to 30 rounds are played in Counter-Strike, it is possible for a match to end in a draw (15:15). You can use this market to bet on whether or not there will be overtime on a certain map.

Will the bomb be planted?

Here, you are betting on whether the terrorists will be able to position the bomb on one of the two specified places in a certain round on a map.

Will the bomb be defused?

Use this market if you wish to bet on whether the Counter-Terrorists will be able to defuse the bomb in a certain round on a map.

Which team will reach (x) rounds first?

This market allows you to bet on which of the two teams wins a certain number of rounds on a map first.

Which team will lead at half-time?

In Counter-Strike, the teams change sides after 15 rounds. This means that you can bet on which team will have won more rounds when the teams change sides.

How many headshots will be scored?

Perfect shots can kill enemies. Here, you are betting on the number of headshots scored on a certain map.

Will a player score an ace?

In Counter-Strike, teams can win a round by killing the entire enemy team. This market enables you to bet on whether one player will succeed in killing all enemy players on his/her own, which is known as an "ace". For a player to score an ace, they must "last hit" (deal the damage which causes an enemy to die) all opponents.

Number of kills

If you want to bet on how many kills there will be in a certain round on a map, or made by a certain team, this is the market for you.

Betting tips for pros

Who’s in the lead?

It’s easy to see who’s in the lead in a game of Counter-Strike. The most important indicator is the number of rounds won by both teams. If one team gains a clear lead, then it is likely that they will go on to win the game. However, on some maps, one side has a significant advantage. This means that a team will not necessarily go on to win a game even if they have a clear lead.

Winning the pistol round

The size of the players’ budgets can be decisive in Counter-Strike. Because a team earns more money than their opponents when they win a round, gaining victory in the "pistol round" can be crucial. The winning team can then use their additional money to buy better weapons and equipment for future rounds, immediately giving themselves the edge over their opponents. As the losing side is unable to afford such good items, they have to enter the next rounds with secondary weapons and less equipment. It can be very difficult for them to force a win in such circumstances.

Bomb has been planted.


Money Management

Players receive money at the end of each round, which they can use to buy weapons and equipment before the next round starts. The amount each player receives depends on if they were on the winning or losing side, as well as how a round was lost. A team receives $3,250 if they eliminate all enemy players. The Counter-Terrorists also receive this amount if they win the round because the Terrorists’ allotted time runs out. Teams are awarded $3,500 for completing their specified tasks. There is also individual money on offer for players if, for example, they defuse the bomb or kill enemy players.

In Counter-Strike, teams also receive money for defeats. If a team loses several rounds in a row, the "loser bonus" increases round-by-round. This amounts to between $1,400 and $3,400. The aim is to ensure that teams have fairly similar budgets and therefore that one team does not dominate the match purely because of their financial advantage. In addition to this bonus, the Terrorists receive $800 if they place the bomb and it is then defused by the Counter-Terrorists. However, if they lose because they run out of time, the players who are still alive do not receive the "loser bonus". The more money a team has available to them, the better weapons and equipment they can buy, putting them at an advantage.

Kill rewards

Weapon/equipment Reward Exceptions
Pistols $ 300 CZ75-Auto $ 100
Grenades $ 300
Rifles $ 300 AWP $ 100
Submachine Guns (SMGs) $ 600 P90 $ 300
Shotguns $ 900
Knife $ 1300
Zeus x27 $ 0
eSports Highlights
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