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LoL - LEC Spring Split


LEC Spring Split 2020

Professional League of Legends returns on Friday night as G2 Esports, runners-up at the World Championships in November, take on MAD Lions, the team formerly known as Splyce. Pre-season has seen a whole host of changes, both to the teams and to Summoner’s Rift, and we’ve got an overview of the most important alterations to make sure you’re up to speed ahead of the Spring Split. We’ve also got some exciting special bets for you to enjoy!

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Alcoves, objective changes and new champions

The most obvious change at the start of the game is the introduction of alcoves – two small, c-shaped pieces of map – in the top and bottom lanes. Given the high levels of communication and teamwork in the pro scene, these could lead to some very interesting fights and outplays. It will also be fascinating to see where teams focus their attention. It is now possible for two Rift Heralds to spawn before Baron comes up, but don’t let that make you think that all the action will be on top side: dragons have also been changed dramatically. The first two dragons that spawn will be different (e.g. cloud and infernal). Once the second dragon has been slain, the terrain of the map is altered based on the third dragon. If the third dragon to spawn is an ocean dragon, for example, then more brushes appear across the map – perfect for champions who like cover, such as Rengar or Nidalee. Only that type of dragon spawns until one team has slain four dragons in total. The team that reaches four dragons first then receives a ‘soul’ for the rest of the game, giving them a buff depending on which dragon type it was. Afterwards, the Elder Dragon spawns and offers teams an immensely powerful buff: should a team with the buff damage an enemy that has less than 20% health, that enemy is executed 0.5 seconds later.

We also have some new champions to look forward to in the hands of the pros. Senna and Aphelios have joined the bot lane, though we will have to wait a little while to see Sett, who has been temporarily disabled for pro games by Riot (along with Lux and Syndra). Will the changes lead to teams looking for more early-game dominance, keen to secure two or three drakes by the mid-game? And which champions will be picked regularly? Akali, who had a 65% win rate from 23 games in the Summer Split, is set to be gutted, but Diana and Mordekaiser could return to the rift as strong picks.

‘Perkz’ and ‘Caps’ swap, a new team and Origen aim for glory

The last ten Spring and Summer Splits have been won by Fnatic or G2 Esports. Interestingly, on each occasion, the team that won the Spring Split then went on to win the Summer Split in that same year. Last year, G2 won both tournaments before reaching the final of Worlds, so it is no surprise that their roster has remained by and large the same. In a shock move, however, mid-laner ‘Caps’ will be moving to the ADC role and ‘Perkz’ is returning to the mid-lane. Given that ‘Perkz’ moved to ADC to accommodate ‘Caps’ when he moved to G2 from Fnatic, this is quite the turnaround. ‘Perkz’ has stated that this was ‘Caps’’ idea. G2 have always been an unpredictable team and their owner ‘ocelote’ has spoken of their ‘controlled chaos’. Will the opposition be able to cope with it?

‘Broxah’ left Fnatic after almost three years with the team, opening the door for SK Gaming’s jungler ‘Selfmade’ to test himself at a huge team. He certainly made a big impression last year, winning seven player of the game awards in the Spring Split despite SK winning just nine games, and has the potential to be a truly top-class player. Will this year’s Spring Split come too early for him? History suggests Fnatic will not panic: last year, they won just one of their first six games and three of their first ten before blowing away the opposition to emerge victorious in their last eight group stage matches. This is an experienced roster and organisation that understands that ‘Selfmade’ may need some time.

The team that looks most like upsetting the holy duo of G2 and Fnatic is Origen. They reached the final of last year’s Spring Split, but were ultimately hammered 3-0 by G2, before struggling in the Summer Split. They have reacted by signing jungler ‘Xerxe’, who was so impressive at Splyce last year, as well as ADC ‘Upset’, who recorded the second-most kills in the 2019 Summer Split group stage, and ‘Destiny’ as his support. Those are significant changes and, like at Fnatic, it may take some time for everything to come together, but don’t write Origen off for a run at the title.

MAD Lions are the new team on the rift after taking over and rebranding Splyce. Only ‘Humanoid’ has remained from the team that reached the World Championships and the Czech mid-laner is joined by ‘Orome’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Carzzy’ and ‘Kaiser’. Despite only being 19, ‘Humanoid’ is by far the most experienced member of the team and will be looking to guide his teammates through their first taste of the big stage. FC Schalke 04 are also worth a mention as a team that could cause a few surprises this season. They have made three signings, including that of ‘FORG1VEN’ following his completion of military service. He is hugely experienced and widely regarded as a very fine ADC with a top-four finish at Worlds on his CV. He could make the difference at a team that finished third in the Summer Playoffs.

bet-at-home wishes all fans an exciting Spring Split!

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