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Dota 2 - Leipzig Major


DreamLeague Major Leipzig – The pack has been reshuffled for 2020!

We’re guaranteed suspense galore at the first major of the decade! Like every year, Valve have brought in a patch that has rocked the Dota 2 scene, which has also seen a lot of changes thanks to the post-TI roster shuffle. We’ve got an overview for you to bring you up to speed with all the changes!

209408 209409 209410 209411 209412 209413 209414 209415
Secret Vici EG Nigma TNC Fnatic Invictus Alliance
209416 209417 209418 209419 209420 209421 209422 209423
Liquid Aster VP NaVi paiN beastcoast Chaos Reality Rift

Patch 7.23 – Valve turn the game on its head

The changes that fans had been eagerly – or nervously, depending on their outlook – awaiting went live in November as patch 7.23 was implemented. The community was not disappointed. Two new heroes, “Snapfire” and “Void Spirit”, were introduced, but that was not the end of the changes. Probably the most significant alterations came from the introduction of neutral items, which are dropped by the jungle creeps, and the removal of the side shops. Instead, gold runes now spawn in their place every five minutes and outposts were introduced to the game.

These outposts can be captured from the tenth minute of the game onwards and give the whole team that controls it an XP boost every ten minutes. The aim of this was to ensure that there are more team fights, more frequently. Dota has, in comparison to League of Legends, always been a festival of slaughter, but there are sure to be even more thrilling fights for players and fans to enjoy now the outposts are here. This has also had an impact on the length of games. If a team takes complete control of the map and occupies the outposts in the top and bottom lanes, the discrepancy in the levels of the heroes will become insurmountable more quickly. At the Bukovel Minor earlier this month, most games only lasted 25-30 minutes and some teams struggled to survive for 20 minutes.

Most heroes also experienced some changes to their kits and this video from “Purge” gives you a very detailed explanation of all changes here:

A whole load of transfers and a new organisation

Since OG triumphed at TI9 in Shanghai, a lot has gone on in the Dota scene. “N0tail” and his teammates are taking another break and Team Liquid, the runners-up, now have a completely new roster from the one that won The International in 2017.

We didn’t hear much from “Kuroky” and his teammates in the days after they left Liquid, but it was announced on November 25th that they would be competing under the name “Nigma”. The players founded the organisation themselves with the aim of lifting the Aegis of Champions once again. After a difficult start that saw them lose against the new Team Liquid roster in the open qualifier for the Leipzig Major and start the Bukovel Minor poorly, they overcome this mini crisis to win the tournament. It will be exciting to follow their progress and see if they can claim their next title at the DreamLeague Major.

Evil Geniuses have also got a couple of changes to report on, namely the fact that both “SumaiL” and “S4” have left the team. Their futures are currently uncertain and they may return soon after a break. However, the American organisation was able to find solid replacements: “RAMZES666” has joined from Virtus.pro and “Abed” has signed from Fnatic, meaning that two of the hottest talents on the market will be lining up for the “Boys in Blue”.

bet-at-home.com wishes all fans an enjoyable and exciting DreamLeague Leipzig Major!

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