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You want a real casino atmosphere but don’t want to wear a suit and tie or bother with annoying tips? Then this is the right place for you! In the live casino the tables are in your living room along with the charming dealers!

Watch out: Our live casino is now available on your smartphone and tablet! This way an authentic casino atmosphere is guaranteed even on the go!


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Top Winners
30.05.2016 - 31.05.2016
marilena d.
Live Casino
1280.00 CHF
30.05.2016 - 31.05.2016
Jörg K.
Live Casino
1074.00 EUR
30.05.2016 - 31.05.2016
Mirnes C.
Live Casino
975.00 EUR
30.05.2016 - 31.05.2016
Walter S.
Live Casino
920.00 EUR

Our dealers

  • Agata


    This classy Pole loves horses, prefers mature men and wine and likes sunbathing on the beaches of Mauritius.

    Age: 22
    Hobbies: Reading, riding, travelling
    Favourite game: Tales of Krakow
    Favourite number: 50
  • Agnese


    This redheaded beauty prefers players who like to take a risk "I hate cowards. He who doesn't dare, doesn't win - certainly not my heart anyway!"

    Age: 24
    Hobbies: Rock music, parties
    Favourite game: Bloodsuckers
    Favourite film: Rocky
  • Aija


    This very pretty star lawyer's daughter is a huge Real Madrid fan and her favourite way to spend her free time is with her dog "Cristiano".

    Age: 19
    Hobbies: Football, walking
    Favourite game: Sensible Soccer
    Favourite number: 7
  • Aleksandra


    When this sweet Russian isn't at the live casino tables you can often find her playing at's virtual poker tables. "I love this game!"

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Online poker, reading
    Favourite game: No Limit Hold’Em
    Favourite hand: Ace-King suited
  • Alesya


    "She's like the wind" - this charming Belarusian with hungry eyes swoons for Patrick Swayze and is looking forward to having the time of her life.

    Age: 19
    Hobbies: Dancing
    Favourite game: Doctor Love
    Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
  • Alexandra


    This sporty beauty likes fast cars and chiselled manly bodies. She likes to spend her free time shopping.

    Age: 23
    Hobbies: Working out, cinema, shopping
    Favourite game: Ramesses Riches
    Favourite film: Fast & the Furious
  • Alina


    This feisty Russian with South American roots also spends a lot of her private life online: "I can chat for hours and I love flirting with different men."

    Age: 23
    Hobbies: Chatting, dancing
    Favourite game: Amazon Wild
  • Alise


    This fiery Bulgarian owns over 500 pairs of shoes. "And my collection grows almost every day" admits the 22 year old. Her favourites? "My Versace stilettos and my bright red Prada pumps."

    Age: 22
    Hobbies: Shopping, parties
    Favourite game: Midas Millions
  • Alona


    This shy blonde is currently looking for her dream man. "Who knows, maybe I'll meet him here!" And what is he like? "He should be funny, faithful and an animal lover."

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Spas, flirting
    Favourite game: Doctor Love
  • Clara


    This sweet Ukranian made her hobby into her career. "I love going to live casinos in my free time too. When I win and meet nice people at the same time then that's a perfect day!"

    Age: 25
    Hobbies: Chatting, live casino
    Favourite game: Roulette
    Favourite film: Casino Royale
  • Darya


    This friendly Latvian likes to relax in front of the stage. "I love going to the theatre and to the opera. The atmosphere in theatres in Riga, St. Petersburg and Moscow is simply breathtaking."

    Age: 22
    Hobbies: Dancing, literature, opera
    Favourite games: Chess, Blackjack
  • Inga


    There's no room for boredom in this sport crazy Slovakian's life. "If I'm not working then I'm at the gym, and the weekend is party time."

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Sport, travelling, dancing
    Favourite game: Wild Witches
    Favourite film: The Hangover
  • Jekaterina


    This 21 year old has an eye for beauty. She loves art, photography and picturesque walks along the beach with her jack of hearts, a professional model.

    Age: 21
    Hobbies: Art, literature and wine
    Favourite game: Irish Eyes
    Favourite city: Moscow
  • Julija


    For the lovely Julija from Moscow, one night stands are a no-no. "I like flirting, particularly here in chat, but it doesn't go any further. Men need to be patient for a few days!" says this beauty with a wink.

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Dancing, chatting
    Favourite game: Arabian Nights
  • Katrina


    Rien ne va plus! Sorry boys, this sweet Latvian with an angel's face has given her heart to her boyfriend Marco. "I'm so happy, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

    Age: 19
    Hobbies: Marco, photography
    Favourite game: Mega Fortune
    Favourite city: Las Vegas
  • Kristina


    Why does Kristina enjoy her job in the live casino? "Because I get to know nice people every day, and make a lot of them happy!" says the pretty Russian.

    Age: 24
    Hobbies: Painting and dancing
    Favourite game: Victorious
    Favourite country: Poland
  • Kristine


    Watch out, men! When Kristine and Snezhana go clubbing in Moscow they'll burn a hole through your wallet. "We love to get tipsy and enjoy champagne showers" they admit.

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Modelling, parties
    Favourite game: Piggy Riches
  • Natalja


    This highly-intelligent Russian speaks no fewer than 6 languages. "As well as my mother tongue I also speak Ukranian, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese" says the polyglot.

    Age: 21
    Hobbies: Languages and literature
    Favourite game: Hot City
    Favourite author: Murakami
  • Snezhana


    Watch out, men! When Kristine and Snezhana go clubbing in Moscow they'll burn a hole through your wallet. "We love to get tipsy and enjoy champagne showers" they admit.

    Age: 20
    Hobbies: Modelling, parties
    Favourite game: Slot Box
  • Tatjana


    This petite Russian's world revolves around sport. "In summer I play tennis as much as possible and go swimming and in winter I spend all my free time at the gym or playing indoor volleyball."

    Age: 22
    Hobbies: Tennis and volleyball
    Favourite game: High Rollers
  • Vladislava


    "Vladi" is searching for inner peace the professional way. "I've been doing yoga for nearly four years with an Indian guru. That way I keep my body and soul fresh and healthy."

    Age: 23
    Hobbies: Fitness, yoga, Qi Gong
    Favourite game: Voodoo Vibes
    Favourite number: 8
  • Zhanna


    As our casino regulars know, this fun-loving beauty always has a smile on her face. "If you go through life in a good mood," says Zhanna, "you'll fall in love more easily."

    Age: 22
    Hobbies: Karaoke, dancing
    Favourite game: Golden Shamrock
    Favourite song: Be My Baby
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