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Free Cocktails at booth F1 – find our promotions girls and ask for vouchers!

Dear Affiliate, have you heard of our “life is a game”- cocktail? If not, then find one of our nice promotion girls as soon as you can! They have vouchers for a free cocktail for you! All you need to

Easter Egg Hunt – results – Level Easter Bunny

Dear Affiliates, thank you for your commitment – that was a great easter egg hunt! You have found many colorful eggs over the last few weeks and today we can announce those players who could stand up to the Easter


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ACID A tracking keyword that can be named individually. Helps to track traffic in different ways.
Clicks Number of clicks on specific advertising material.
CPA = Cost per Action. Proceeds received due to a predefined completed action of a customer. At Affiliates, CPA is usually triggered by the registration of a customer, a predefined minimum deposit as well as the rollover of that deposit.
Deposit A deposit means that the customer has topped up the betting account with real money.
FTD = First Time Depositor. A customer who registers and makes a first deposit, regardless of when they registered and when the deposit was made.
GGR = Gross Gaming Revenue. The gross income.
Hybrid Deal A deal consisting of different elements of commission models, e.g. revenue share and CPA.
Impressions Individual accessing of advertising material on a website.
NDA = New Depositing Account. A new customer who registered and made their first deposit within a specific time frame.
Negative Carryover A negative commission can originate through pro rata revenue shares of the customers’ winnings and will be carried over to the next period at the end of a monthly period. If an affiliate has a negative commission in one period, the affiliate does not have to settle the negative amount by paying the merchant ( Instead, they must try to even out the negative amount through positive commissions (customers’ losses) in the next periods.
NGR = Net Gaming Revenue. It is calculated as follows: Gross income - chargeback - bonus - taxes - administration fee = net income. This net income is the basis for the calculation of the revenue share.
Commission The amount the affiliate receives for their advertising activities.
Referral Commission Commission received for the advertising activities of an acquired affiliate.
Registrations Number of users who registered at via the affiliate’s advertising material (banner, tracking link).
Revenue Share The affiliate’s percentage of the net revenue (= net income) that originates through the customers’ losses. At Affiliates, the affiliate receives a standard 30% revenue share for the losses of a customer acquired directly by them – for a lifetime.
Rollover Also called carryover. Commissions are carried over to the next month if an affiliate has not requested a withdrawal in one month.
SITE ID A possibility to track traffic in different ways based on different sources.
Sub-Affiliates Affiliates who were recruited by existing affiliates. As an affiliate, you will earn money through the commission of your sub-affiliates, too.
Tracking Code A parameter that is created manually or automatically and attached to HTML documents in order to analyse the behaviour of visitors on a website. It is used to allocate sales in affiliate marketing.
Tracking Link A link to advertise and track customers so that they can be linked to the affiliate’s account.
Wager Sum of the users’ stakes.


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